Another Year of Memories

2016 has been a challenge…

But if it wasn’t, would we ever grow?

There are enough articles out there about how awful 2016 seemed – and while yes, it had its negative moments… lets end the year on a high note. Shooting explosives into the sky, cheers-ing friends & family with champagne, and a loud WOOOO for good measure 🙂

Reflecting back on the year, I know I’ve grown.

  • I’ve celebrated 2 years in a new company that I had no previous experience in, in an industry I’d only looked at for personal fun, and found success in it
  • I’ve experienced new relationships, which has taught me more about who I am as a person and what exactly I want in life
  • I’ve watched my nephew and niece grow into their own personalities (princess has semi-learned how to kiss and attempted to kiss me through the video chat today) It seems silly, but I do find its important to create a relationship with them at this young of an age, regardless of how many miles separate us from each other
  • I’ve traveled to 3 brand new countries this year ( Turks & Caicos, London, and France (and had a Guinness in the Dublin Airport)) along with 3 return visits to favorite islands (Jamaica, Barbados & Bahamas)
  • I finally got to scuba dive with my dad after a 5 year hiatus

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Take all the negative societal issues out of the picture (actors who passed away, how the election played out, miniscule negative moments in your life like being dumped the morning after your birthday, or the other relationships that didn’t work out) and reflect back on YOUR life. It was pretty great wasn’t it? Funny when you take out the things you have no control over, how our perception changes.

For 2017 I’m not going to focus on a “negative” in my life or make a resolution to change my social appearance. I plan instead on being kinder to others, following God’s plan, and wearing more lipstick. Little things that will make a big difference in others lives, my overall well being, and my confidence. Those are things I can control.

Cheers to the New Year!

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