Strawberries 🍓

Did I mention its festival season?



The Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival was also happening this weekend. Luckily I have spontaneous girlfriends who like to go out and do stuff.


Erica was the bombs diggity and drove us all an hour across and around Lake Ponchartrain to the festivities. The festival also attempted a hayride/tram thing to take us to/from parking… $10 to park, and then $1 each ride.

I’ll admit, I expected more. There was an abundance of food and drinks, of course Strawberry flavored. But the Strawberry merchandise was seriously lacking. We started with Strawberry wine (yes I sang the song in my head all day) and a strawberry hair bow for Erica,   then wandered down the street to the family space with carnival rides & 2 live music stages.


We had stalked the festival’s Facebook page & news stories which enlightened us to DEEP-FRIED STRAWBERRIES. Holy amazeballs, dipped in chocolate. Delicious.

As I said, the festival was quite small, we walked through the whole thing in probably 35 minutes, so we decided to wander back through slowly and stop to hear some of the local music before grabbing strawberries for the ride home.


Pay no mind to that shoulder burn from yesterday, its but a ‘base burn’ for Barbados.



What am I going to do with 6+ pints of strawberries!? I have no freaking clue… I was looking up recipes on the way home. I even called mom to wish her a Happy Birthday and ask how to make jam… She told me it was “super easy” and then proceeded to tell me it would include a trip to wal*mart and 2 hours of cooking time before canning…. Has she met me!?


Here’s that “tram ride”… I told the girls I was going to sit in the middle and awkwardly stare at everyone behind us.

Getting home (I only ate 2 berries in the car) 5 pints ended up in a freezer bag with their hair cut off (that’s what I call the tops), 1/2 pint went into a smoothie immediately upon arriving home (with spinach & coconut water), and the last half is chilling in the fridge covered in sugar (shout out to you Nana!).

I give it 3 days before they’re all gone… #HangryBoredEater

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