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Here we go Again…

20180421_043329-e1526937126619.jpgSo. I clearly never learn – and did a thing… for the third time. Continue reading Here we go Again…


Canada, eh?


Bear with me 😉 it’s going to be a while. But its pretty aMooseing, SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! Continue reading Canada, eh?

Where is My Voice?!

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No, this isn’t a political post…. it was just Mardi Gras. Continue reading Where is My Voice?!

Better A Silly Girl with a Flower…

Than a silly boy with a horse and a stick… Tournament of Roses time! Continue reading Better A Silly Girl with a Flower…

107,113 Steps

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Or 53.56 miles according to Google… Continue reading 107,113 Steps