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Black Lives Matter

I attempted to start putting my feelings and my thoughts into words, but here’s what it really comes down to.

Just because you aren’t the oppressed ones right now, doesn’t mean its not your fight.

You’re not going to make every side happy, you’re not going to agree with everyone, and somebody will always find something to argue with you about.

That doesn’t mean you stop supporting, listening, or working towards being a better human.

I hear you. I support you. I ask you to teach me more.


Drinking- the Ultimate Balancing Act

I’ve seen a couple products come out recently that are supposed to help men & women identify drink tampering and it makes me sad and angry… Sad that people think it’s OK to drug somebody, and angry that we live in a world where this is a serious issue that calls for kickstarter campaigns for a date-rape drug testing nail polish, or sticky coasters to put over your open drink if, god-forbid, nature calls at a bar/restaurant.

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