TWICE As nice! 

Yup! I loved Beaches Turks and Caicos so much I HAD to go back 2 weeks in a row!

The first week was for a corporate meeting – so I FINALLY got to see a few long-lost teammates! 

Sandra is from the West Coast team and we both share a love of all things water – so she shared with me the open availability of snorkeling at the marine sanctuary down the beach from Beaches Turks & Caicos! Just remember to pack your own snorkel gear (or rent it from the Aqua Center since its outside of the regular snorkel trips) and get there EARLY! I’m Talking 7am people!
You won’t regret it!

We’ve got some fun new experiences coming your way so make sure you stay glued to your newsletters!

The Second week.. was an Agency Exclusive FAM for one of the top producing agencies in North Carolina! Now, I know what you’re probably thinking “Why didn’t they just let you stay those three days between!?” And trust me I asked, BUT what better way to test the turnaround time and experience in needing a PCR test within 3 days to go back!! Now I can say with total confidence that 3 days is NOT a crisis 🙂

I arrived home after 5pm on the *DIRECT* (halleluiah) flight from PLS-CLT. And yes, it was Direct there too on a MONDAY 🙂 so I logged onto CVS’ website from the airport and booked my PCR test appointment for the following morning at 10am. 
I had no problem starting up another travel authorization, submitting all the required forms (proof of insurance, negative test) on Sunday for approval to travel Monday!

We arrived back on island and the advisors got to enjoy the afternoon/evening at leisure before we were seated at Schooners for our group dinner. 

The following morning (you all will be so proud) I. WENT. TO. THE. GYM! Ya girl has 6 weddings to attend this year!! 

And then we met for a Social Media Marketing Forum where I made all the advisors swap phones and make a post from their colleague’s photo album (*surprise face emoji!*) Yes, they were hesitant but by taking a different perspective – we saw immediate results in inquiries! Try it sometime! Hand your phone to your kids on vacation and see what they find is important to share 😉
We also got to hear from some very important team members – the Management Team!

Our VERY thorough resort tour of every village lasted about 2 hours, and you can find all those room category videos on my Facebook page to share with your clients!

Our CDC Required Rapid COVID tests to reenter the US were scheduled ahead of time for us on resort – all we had to do was bring our passports and a provided sheet of paper to fill in with our contact information and head over to the nurse’s station at the Caribbean Village. A quick nasal swab and we were out in 5 minutes! Our results were then emailed to us that afternoon and we could visit the front desk to have them printed to take to the airport – but I saw plenty of guests showing the screenshot on their phones at the airport as well. 

You gotta be careful though! That Turks & Caicos sun will get you! BUT I found the GREATEST invention ever in the Resort Gift Shop. GLITTER SUNSCREEN! Yes, and my inner 90s child was FAN-GIRLING. 

The Agency had a Virtual VIP Experience set up LIVE from resort that had 70 attendees that evening! That is the BEST way to spend your time on resort – go live on social media, share your photos and experience because that’s what truly sells the resort!

While we did have a day at leisure – you KNOW I jumped on the Dive boat to sea 😉 some Sharks! (SEA what I did there?!) Check out my Instagram for all my favorite photos! 

Our final night on resort we all connected back at Kimonos for some fabulous food and total entertainment.

It was so nice to walk around the resort and see the sense of “normal” back on island – all the happy families throwing the football on the lawn together in the Key West Village. Taking their family photos on the beach with the perfect sunset in the background. And even playing tag in the sand outside of Barefoot By the Sea Restaurant. 
It’s truly #BackToTheBeach and #BackToHappy


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