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18 Years


As the years pass, it never gets easier. We will Always Remember and appreciate those who ran into the chaos. Continue reading 18 Years

Concrete Jungle Where Families Come Together


Ahhh it’s been too long my dearest NYC.  Continue reading Concrete Jungle Where Families Come Together

Canada, eh?


Bear with me 😉 it’s going to be a while. But its pretty aMooseing, SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! Continue reading Canada, eh?

Where is My Voice?!

Image result for little mermaid no voice gif

No, this isn’t a political post…. it was just Mardi Gras. Continue reading Where is My Voice?!



We’re adding 79,506 steps to those of you keeping track…. that’s 39.75 more miles for a total of 93.31 miles in 10 days.  Continue reading EuroWhirlwind