Drinking- the Ultimate Balancing Act

I’ve seen a couple products come out recently that are supposed to help men & women identify drink tampering and it makes me sad and angry… Sad that people think it’s OK to drug somebody, and angry that we live in a world where this is a serious issue that calls for kickstarter campaigns for a date-rape drug testing nail polish, or sticky coasters to put over your open drink if, god-forbid, nature calls at a bar/restaurant.


Beach Week, Myrtle Beach 2006
Beach Week, Myrtle Beach 2006

I am not a heavy drinker. I never had an alcoholic beverage in High School. My first drink was a vodka cranberry during Beach Week after graduation (I was 17). I never really drank in college either, due to softball. All 4 spring seasons, I signed “dry”, meaning not a drop of alcohol (until we won ODAC’S and that was technically the end of the season).

Growing up, my family has always had alcohol in the house, that’s how you can spot who is definitely NOT an alcoholic because the bottles are unopened & overflowing from the cabinets/wine rack. Heck, my dad has been brewing his own beer as a hobby for probably around 20 years. And his stuff is delicious. I enjoy good beer and cocktails. I however do NOT like when situations involve binge drinking these beverages.


Sure, I’ve done it, most people have. I’ve been at the concert tailgate laughing and having a good time, and then making a terrible decision or two and paying for it later. One of my favorite stories was probably after a night of heavy drinking around age 22. I was the most hung-over I’ve ever been and it was miserable. I felt well enough to make a delicious looking breakfast of a bacon, egg & cheese toasty sandwich…. Sat down to eat it, and immediately ran up the stairs to force the remnants of the night out of my throat. Not pretty. I’m hugging the porcelain throne and a gentle knock comes to the bathroom door, it happens to be sweet little 16 year old brother…

“Are you OK?”

“yup…. Great….”

“…….Can I have your sandwich?”

“Please eat it.”

At this point I’m thinking… “I’m an awesome role model aren’t I”? The point of drinking should not be to forget the night, or feel like absolute crap the next day.

I don’t enjoy drinking like that anymore. I’ve had enough.  I’ll play beer pong all day long, but its cup-in-hand and I’ll drink as I deem fit thank you. Any game that tells me I have to drink a certain amount at a certain time? Count me out. It’s not cool, or fun, or impressive.

It’s stupid.

And childish.

And I will not bow to your peer pressure.

With friends it’s definitely more comfortable, with co-workers, gossip follows either way. You never want to look like you don’t have your shit together on a work trip. And I’ve seen it many times. You have to know your boundaries.

Seriously.... what are you doing?
Seriously…. what are you doing?

I’ll go out to the bar, but I’m going to order what I think sounds the most delicious. I’m not going to have 5 of them. One or Two is great. Has anybody else noticed that the bars just seem to be getting smaller and smaller, with less seating, and people don’t seem to care how they act? You get bumped into, spilled on, there’s always that one person who’s yelling and making a fool of themselves… and then the one person who thinks they’re “perfectly fine” to drive home…

IT’S NOT WORTH IT. Call a taxi, an uber, a friend, YOUR DAD, anyone…

In all seriousness

quit being a jerk at the bar

enjoy your freedom responsibly

and don’t put anyone else’s life in jeopardy.

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