Festival Season!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Festival Season!!


*Apologies ahead of time, as I write this I have already consumed a strawberry daiquiri with 151 rum and champagne…. its not even happy hour yet. This is how the locals do it right? #NOLA

Springtime… for… Just kidding.

But seriously, it’s been a week of 75 and beautiful this past week, and rolling in with the weather is Festival Season. Now I don’t really know if this is the official start, but it’s MY official start.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a lazy lump all week. I’ve been “working” but only just. Monday began with a Mississippi agent calling me saying they were in town and could they take me to lunch, Charcoal Burger, no way was I turning that down.

It was my shoulder’s first taste of UV rays all year and there went the rest of my week. A beautiful average of 70s all week but sadly the only reason I left my apartment was 1. Food and 2. Errands (grocery shopping, attempting to sell clothes to Plato’s Closet – 4 pieces for a whopping $14.20 cash, and FedEx mailings) It was weird to me that they didn’t purchase my strapless Vera Wang dress.

It was sad, as I talked to my sister Thursday evening, I still hadn’t showered since Tuesday night. Whatever, I live alone, nobody else can smell me. I’d also been back and forth with Verizon wireless Thursday & Friday as my wall charger decided to frizz out and give me that “hey you should use the original charger to charge faster” message and I’m all “hey $500 piece of technology, it is the original charger thanks”.


Verizon decided to have me factory reset my phone and then when the problem didn’t fix itself they overnighted a new unit. Thank goodness I checked it with the charger at home before I sent mine back in because we figured out it was the charger and not the phone. Just one step of adulting – check before you send your stuff back because of course, if they find something wrong with the original phone they’ll just charge you the $552 value of the new one. No thanks.

I woke up one happy camper this Saturday morning, a free weekend with sunny and 75 in the weather forecast. And then it started…. The elephant above me apparently is having some apartment remodeling done. Drills & hammers at 10am, thank goodness they waited till 10…. That just meant I was getting dressed & moving out the door earlier.

A 2 mile walk got me right to the heart of French Quarter Festival.

Lots of music, food, people watching and of course beer… it is New Orleans after all! A gorgeous setup on the river front, I walked all along, taking in the sounds and up around Jackson Square where I broke down and bought my daiquiri tumbler.


I sat for a few moments back along the river front near Audobon Aquarium before deciding to start the trek back. On Tchoupitoulas, there is a brand new St. James Cheese Company storefront that opened the end of last year. I hadn’t gone yet, mainly because Memphis was always around and making fun of me for my love of wine & cheese. I however, am an independent enough woman to say FUCK YOU Memphis, you don’t get to try to take something I love away from me, especially when YOU have no means of income.

So I went. And enjoyed the hell out of an assortment of Vermont & Switzerland cheeses. With a glass of Brut to boot!


The mile & a half walk back from there wasn’t so bad but like most lazy Saturdays – It was nap time on the couch.


Adulting is hard sometimes…. but the weekends make it better 🙂

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