Queen Bee


Yes. THAT one

I took a semi-weekend at home finally. An old coworker, C, from my Redskins days came into town for the Monday Night Football game, Falcons @ Saints in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. It’s funny, because a lot of our old Redskins coaches are now a part of the Falcons team. But why just come in for one day?!

She arrived late Friday night and I’ll be honest, I was just happy my 2013 Hyundai Elantra started up. I don’t think I’ve started it since July maybe. I know, it’s terrible. But I’m on the road so much with work, my poor little car gets a little neglected.

She started right up though, made a few creaking and clicking sounds so I stopped to make sure there wasn’t anything in my tires and headed to the airport for pick-up. Side note, adult decision to purchase a pull out queen couch has been clutch.

We had an easy night in preparation for a wild Saturday. Down to Riverwalk for some shopping (No, Nordstrom Rack isn’t open yet…. Oct 6th!) and found some great pieces from Neiman Marcus Last Call. The stuff in that store is still expensive, nevermind it being an “outlet”. I did find this gorgeous red dress with a black criss-cross ribbon back but it was Kate Spade… and $250 on sale. Couldn’t swing it. Maybe on final clearance.


Oh, yes, we also picked up superhero onesies. Shoutout to Walmart!

Cane’s Chicken Fingers are must have here in Louisiana. And even though Popeye’s is a New Orleans original, Cane’s is where it’s at and we made sure to stuff our faces accordingly. We used Uber all weekend and took to task getting ready for our BEYONCE concert Saturday night. Another friend here in NOLA had texted me last week asking if I wanted to go…. ummm, does a one legged duck swim in a circle? yes. I’m totally going. Oh, how much are tickets? I don’t really care but…. $60 hells yeah.

I had seen this t-shirt at Target a while back but didn’t buy it. Snapchatted it of course, but couldn’t bring my self to buy it because… where would I wear it?! Well this is where. So C picked up two for us to be twinsies and off we went fully done up and ready to be blown away by the one and only. #YASSSQUEEN

Now, my family kind of has a funny way of pronouncing Beyonce…. There was a really old Say Yes to the Dress episode where the bride to be brought a friend who had a bottom lip like Bubba in Forrest Gump.

And the way he had to talk around it to say Bee-on-cey made us giggle through the whole episode.

But anyway, after some pre-concert photos we were headed up the giant Superdome steps to the 600 section. When I say GIANT steps, I mean grown men walking up and down them like toddlers.

Not good for little legs or heels. Of which I took mine off around 10pm.

Queen Bey stunned us for a whopping 2.5 hours and even had a Prince transition of Purple Rain in the middle which everyone swapped lighters for cell phone flashlights.


She sadly didn’t perform Single Ladies, or an encore but it was 11:30 so probably time for us to go. We walked about a mile away from the Superdome to try to get out of traffic and surge pricing and caught an Uber from the WWII Museum back home. While I’m a fan of walking, 3 miles is a little excessive through some not so great parts of New Orleans at midnight.

We crawled straight into bed when we got home because Sunday was going to be a workday for me. Across the lake I trekked for a Bridal show in a cute little town named Covington. Reminded me a lot of home and the show was quick and painless. I borrowed NFL Red Zone from dad, sorry brother so C could keep up on games while I was gone. We decided on Juan’s Flying Burritos for dinner and of course came out with go-cups of mojitos for the walk home. Where else but in NOLA?!


Monday started with the usual morning conference call which C joined me on… kind of.

I managed to get through unscathed until my turn on the roundtable…. I talked all about the weekend and what was coming up this week to finish with “the end”. click. ahhhh shit, I just hung up. I meant to hit mute, but let’s play it off as a mic drop, yeah. that’ll work. C and I laughed about it for a good 10 minutes after. I’m told the team took it well too. phew!


Office day took us to lunch between my computer work and then to get dolled up again for the MNF game Falcons @ Saints. The same coach as last year left us tickets and pregame field passes so we could say hello before game time 🙂 We also noticed quite a few more coaches had been Redskins in the past, that one, that one, him, what was his name?! It was fun.

We thankfully didn’t have to walk ALL the way to the top row this year, but since the seats in the dome are SO tiny, and SO close together, I awkwardly positioned myself at a 45 degree angle all game since the gentleman next to me took up half my seat.

Falcons ended up winning and we again made the walk to the museum to be picked up and transferred home.

A fun and busy weekend, making for 2 in a row which means next weekend I may not leave the house much. 🙂

It’s all about balance right?



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