Life is a perpetual learning curve.

There are ups, there are downs – it’s never constant. The only “consistent” things in life are change and family. Even family changes. 

We were given a very generous opportunity to bring family to experience our professional side of life, and check a new island off our bucket list.

It was the best of both worlds! I got to see both my work family and my blood family all in the same place at the same time. While Mom, Dad and Evan got to squeeze one last vacation out of summer (seriously, Evan’s first day of his SENIOR year at Penn State is today – we flew home last night), I got to join update meetings in the morning and hang out with them in the afternoon.

When everyone told me “you’ve never seen water this beautiful before” I didn’t exactly believe them.


Boy was I wrong. Look how clear this is!!!

You can see his feet!
The lifeguard was feeding a school of fish

We all were lucky enough to get on the same Delta flight in Atlanta which allowed us to get through customs & immigration together. I also got to meet the new teammate at the airport!

We arrived, and had pizza out by the pool as we waited for our room to be ready. We had a leisurely wander around the grounds and were almost first in line for the sushi restaurant I had been bragging about to Evan for appetizers before our Teppanyaki dinner.  I got to introduce the fam to the coworkers at a quick cocktail party and then off to the pub to watch Usain Bolt win the Men’s 200M Olympic race with most of the Jamaicans on island.



The next morning I was off to meetings and the fam was off to tackle the water sports available. Apparently they even got mom in the water to snorkel!

That night’s entertainment was a foam party and rookie initiation. All O’Hara’s ran through the foam AND climbed/slid down the giant inflatable slide. After a stop for ice cream, we all zonked out pretty quick.



Another morning another meeting & more fun time for everyone.


DCIM118GOPROThe 4 of us had a few hours of downtime together before Dad and I finally got to get in the water to dive again. It was his first one since we were certified in 2010!! What a dive too – short, only about 31 minutes but we saw a GIANT sea turtle and I was attempting some underwater GoPro photography & video.

While Dad and I dove and then tested the waterpark slides, Mom & Evan jumped on the Kitty Kat Catamaran cruise to Iguana Island. I heard it was a great time and we all met back up at the pool bar before heading to the room to shower/ get dressed for the awards ceremony on our last evening.



This Mixologist’s special drink was called HALLELUJAH and it was served from atop his head 🙂 They always know how to put an extra wide smile on your face.

In a previous post I wrote about this gold dress. I am happy to report that customer service got me a new one quickly and it was a hit at our masquerade party. I always like to add a little sparkle to our events. Bring a little me & New Orleans to the party 🙂 I got it from my Momma!

We got to celebrate all the hard work my teammates have put into this year so far.

Our last morning’s breakfast together was full of decadent buffet choices (Eggs Benedict, duh) and my traditional farewell mimosa before more pictures under a cabana by the beach.


We touched down in Atlanta to find that our gates would be right next to each other and that my flight would be delayed which meant we would have a few more precious hours together.

It was a fun experience to have my family around my work. While there is a very thin line between the two, it’s nice to know you have support on both sides.


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