Drinking in the Rain*


*I mean June under the Moon

Back in March bunch of friends and I attended an event in City Park’s Carousel Gardens (read: tiny amusement park). Well there was another one planned for Friday caled June Under the Moon. Sadly with New Orleans’ weather, it was postponed to Saturday. Not such a bad thing. I already had tickets to the sold out event and a free weekend so the shift in days didn’t affect me.

There was weather coming in again anyway but we figured “what the hell” so I threw a poncho in my back pocket & grabbed my Uber to set off for the park.  Arriving right around gates opening meant a spiked lemonade and vodka gummy bears… I don’t think either had alcohol in them to be honest.

First ride up? The Lady Bug rollercoaster 🙂 It’s about 10 seconds long, so they let you go around 3 times in a row.


After that we clearly needed another beverage and wandered towards the shake shack wannabe.

My friend and I headed back towards the ferris wheel, won free t-shirts off a spinning wheel for new release movies coming soon, and checked to see if they had the vodka sno-cones set up (they didn’t) but we did find the step & repeat!


We got a whiff of food by this point and beelined it that way happily swiping a bag of chocolate chip cookies in the process. There wasn’t a line for the drop thing…. so of course we did that first.

As we get strapped in, lightning decided to grace us with its omnious presence. Not exactly settling to be on a giant metal contraption that’s higher than the treeline while lightning strikes within 7 miles of you. After dropping from that ride, picking up our “greek surprise” (aka chicken gyro) and feta french fries – I opened up the Uber app.

My experience is; I do not want to be stuck in a mass exodus, in the rain, thunder & lightning waiting on surge pricing. No thanks. So I’ll be the old lady and leave early.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I was nervous the uber drive wouldn’t pick me up with my hands full of food and a fresh shock top. He didn’t bat an eye, although I did promise him I wouldn’t spill.

He got me home just as the rain started and I received a text from the friend that stayed that just said “I’m so wet”.

Sometimes being the old lady works in my favor. #Adulting

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