Product Review: Vidal Sassoon Ultra Vibrant Color lies


Beware brunettes… this box is full of lies
Okay, so I’m 27 years old. I figured it was time to test out if I could color my own hair. Disclaimer: I did not dye ALL of my hair. Just a small peek a boo patch.

I found the following photo while scanning through Pinterest the other night and thought “hey! That looks easy enough!”. They used Vidal Sassoon’s Ultra Vibrant Color London Luxe.


And so, without consulting my best friend first, I walked my happy ass to Walmart to see if they had the product in stock.

Woo! Lucky me! They did. Now, I know my hair is dark… I wasn’t expecting a HUGE pop of color to start, but I was much more confident in my decision to spend $8 on something that may not work rather than $150 on something that may not look good.

Step 1. Find a T-shirt in the newly folded drawers mom re-did that I didn’t mind messing up.


Check… This one I caught off a Mardi Gras float.

Step 2. Strategically part all your hair down the middle then, while holding a tiny ass compact mirror, create a triangle at the nape of your own neck… Twist remaining hair into Bitch Buns and secure. (See above)

Step 3. Wiggle your sweaty sausage fingers (because you didn’t turn on the a/c before you started) into the included gloves



Step 4. Mix chemicals & shake, shake, shake.


Step 5. Apply to back of own head… I really didn’t think this one through.


About 2 minutes in I went “okay, this holding-a-compact-with-one-hand-and-trying-to-apply-with-the-other isn’t working, I need a bigger mirror. So I took my dyed glove hands and Macgyvered a mirror stand that was actually helpful.

Step 6. Answer emails for 30 minutes.
Step 7. Rinse& condition in the kitchen sink using the sprayer and thoroughly coat everything with a fresh spritz of water, then blow dry..
Step 8. Come to the sad realization that you probably won’t notice any type




of color change…

Do you know how difficult it is to get a picture of the back of your own head!? There’s a hint of color, but I wasn’t really into the whole ‘at home bleach kit’ for the color POW.

Here’s what I’m going for next




4 thoughts on “Product Review: Vidal Sassoon Ultra Vibrant Color lies

  1. I experienced a no vibrant color coloring. I think I got the same color as you. I got some shine, but color… Well barely a hint and that didn’t last long. I do like the color you got. Not as bright as I think you wanted. Still, pretty. 🙂


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