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Real Vacation


I know I know…I go to the Caribbean all the time, that’s tooooooootally Vacation. NOT.

THIS is vacation. Continue reading Real Vacation

“Even if I told you, You would not believe me”


A few family members & friends have told me recently that they are vicariously living through me. Allow me to give you some more ammunition in your desire to claw my eyes out. 🙂 Its ok, I still love you Continue reading “Even if I told you, You would not believe me”

Miami Training


Alright alright alright. I’ve been teasing you enough about this new job training.

So my new job has flown me down to Miami, FL to take part in initial training. Its been crazy good. Like I said, I have 2 other newbies with me which is making life a whole heck of a lot easier. But lets start from the beginning….. Continue reading Miami Training