Miami Training


Alright alright alright. I’ve been teasing you enough about this new job training.

So my new job has flown me down to Miami, FL to take part in initial training. Its been crazy good. Like I said, I have 2 other newbies with me which is making life a whole heck of a lot easier. But lets start from the beginning…..


Sunday -1. the Redskins lose…. again. Which is a bummer, but I don’t have that feeling of “tomorrow is going to be an awful day in the office” which makes me happy and a little sad at the same time.

But off to the Airport dad and I go. I get through everything with no problem – I’m already a pro by now. So I find my gate and a smoothie and hang out for my plane to arrive. Now, I already knew that the flight was delayed. It was originally supposed to leave at 5:15pm, the update is for a 5:40pm take off… Well its tough to take off at that time when the plane doesn’t show up till 6pm…. It always boggles my mind when people swarm the gate door when they’re in the later boarding zones…. Its not like you’re fighting for a seat. Its already printed on that pretty little boarding pass in your hand. Back up Bertha.

So the plane finally leaves around 6:30 and I get into beautiful, warm, Miami around 9pm… Somewhere between the plane landing and me finding my way to baggage claim (walking, cramming onto on a jam packed metro type train, and what seems like an excessive amount of escalators)…. My drivers license has gone missing…. Seriously, its not in my pocket. shit. Now, I’ve already called my hotel shuttle by this time so I’m outside waiting for it to pick me up with my ginormus suitcase… that was checked baggage.

In a panic I run back into the airport to try to find it on the floor but I can only go as far as the baggage claim doors. I go upstairs looking for someone to help and American Airlines is LESS than helpful. Apparently at that time of night, there is no supervisor anywhere. They do end up giving me a gate pass to try to get back to the plane because apparently phones don’t work in the airport? and they won’t even try to call the gate because “nobody’s going to answer”. One hiccup… I can’t leave my bag anywhere to go looking for my poor lost license. I’m all over the authorized places; lost and found, information, lost and found for AA… nada.

So I head back out to the curb to wait for the hotel shuttle and manage to order a replacement license to be sent to this hotel… YAY smartphones! I figure hey, I’m here for a week, maybe they can send it that fast. NOPE. “please allow 10-15 days for delivery” FML. Maybe the hotel can forward it to me after I get home…

I finally make it to the hotel around 10:45pm. Unpacking is fine, but of COURSE I drop my makeup powder foundation compact and it breaks all apart. Awesome. bed time.

I had ordered a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S 5 on thanksgiving with FREE overnight delivery. It didn’t arrive Friday, and of course they wouldn’t give you Saturday delivery for free…. so It should be delivered home Monday. Luckily I caught it and spoke to Verizon on Friday and rerouted it to the Miami hotel so I could have it before I leave the country. womp womp. not here Monday… It doesn’t even get here TUESDAY so I call them…. AGAIN after checking the tracking number and it says the package was DENIED AND RETURNED TO SHIPPER…. after spending an hour on the phone with Verizon I’m told it’ll be here Wednesday, yes family… I was EERILY calm while on the phone. Very unlike me but FINALLY it arrives. (and is AWESOME)

I see on the schedule for the next week we have a “leisure day” at the resort. SWEET. but oh wait…. I didn’t grab my certified Dive License before I left home. Dad swoops in & says he’ll mail it, should be here Friday. (spoiler alert… its Friday…. no package)…..


The training goes on. and on. and on. I’m meeting everyone here in the corporate office and they’re all great. Its a much happier environment than I’m used to, thats for sure. We usually have evenings free to hang out in the hotel or find dinner at the local mall. We tried Cheesecake Factory (Peppermint Bark cheesecake included), Earl’s, and Bobby’s Burger Palace (yes, that Bobby… as in… Bobby FLAY). delicious.


So Friday finally arrives and we get whisked off to Ft. Lauderdale to see first hand what a presentation is/feels like/ looks like/ sounds like. Thats probably the most helpful part of this whole week. We get back fairly late & decide to just order dinner in so we can pack and prepare for the early departure tomorrow. I order… an hour goes by… no food. For serious, I ordered a steak & cheese sub with fries… with delivery fee its like $23… wtf. whatever. It’s Miami.

Wellllllll I should have learned from earlier in the week to just stop ordering things now. It takes over an hour for food to get here…. its cold/hard, and the little driver dude doesn’t have a receipt for me. When I tell him I need one (I want to expense this meal!) he goes “let me text the girl” and then realizes – oh wait…. “I don’t have her phone number”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? YOU DON’T HAVE THE PHONE NUMBER FOR THE PLACE YOU WORK.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH MIAMI. Here’s hoping next week in Jamaica Training  is better  🙂

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