One Love Mon


Well. here we are! I’ve made it back state side from beautiful Jamaica. Lets hope the Chikungunya stayed there… amiright?


It’s been a whirlwind two weeks and I’ve learned an incredible amount of information. How much of that I’ll be able to spew back is another story for another time. I thought I’d share a bunch of my favorite shots from the week so you all can hate me even more for leaving you here in cold December for the tropics 🙂

We started in Montego Bay2014-12-06 17.55.01

Tokyo Joe’s Hibachi


Yes… I tried escargot. It was delicious!

20141206_195911 20141207_194751 20141207_195800 20141208_192128

I pretty much ate everything in sight with no second thought. Luckily I didn’t return home 500 pounds heavier.

20141208_194720And who doesn’t like a fabulous foot massage!?

20141209_112520 20141209_112829 20141209_114443 20141209_114548

Next, we were on to Negril

20141207_095916 20141207_100013 20141207_102448 20141207_10401920141207_122831 20141207_123237 20141207_123854 20141207_125058 20141207_125949 20141207_130037 20141207_132501 20141207_132600

I know, I know… you hate me. but of course theres more 🙂 🙂 🙂

The last little part is Ocho Rios, which technically I’ve been to before, but apparently being on a cruise ship and jumping on land to climb a waterfall then swim with dolphins doesn’t count…

anywhoooooo Ocho Rios.. This was the fun part. I got to finally meet everyone I’d be working with. My SouthEast team, and all the crazies I’m sure will give me more stories for decades to come. We did have to sit through 2 days of meetings, which, some were more brutal than others. But we live funner at night. Dancing in the rain to 90s music, teaching everyone else how to wobble, and water fun that i was NOT taking my pretty new phone anywhere near 🙂

20141211_145559 20141211_170401 20141211_195749 20141211_202725

Its been a fun 2 weeks, and after doing a little birthday celebrating tomorrow, another one starts! Apartment hunting in New Orleans…. yeesh. 26 is bringing about a lot of changes.

never ends does it?

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