Being an Adult is Expensve…


So I talked Daddio into helping me this week… We flew down to New Orleans to cross some things off the list.
We planned on taking 4 days to find the perfect apartment…. mainly because in our most recent experience, that’s how long it took. Boy were we off…


We arrived on Wednesday morning, and by that afternoon I had already paid the application fee and the security deposit… After seeing/inquiring probably 6-8 places. It’s a fabulous one bed, one bath, washer & dryer in unit, space.

There’s even a little balcony off the bedroom!!

So what the hell are we going to do now with 3 whole days!? How about the WWII museum!


Thats a whole day extravaganza, let me tell you. It took us 2.5 hours just to get through the European Theater alone… it was only one floor…. we still had the Pacific Theater, Boeing Center and IMAX to get through (we skipped imax). Just put that into perspective.


They have a “dog tag experience where you can follow an real life vet through the museum electronically. You swipe your “tag” (ID card badge thing) at each of the stations (Train Car Experience, Campaigns of Courage, Desert War: North Africa, Northwestern Europe, and German Homeland) and you can follow your soldier’s story, collect artifacts, and watch/listen to oral histories from other veterans.





It was incredible. They really have done a phenomenal job there. After you collect all the artifacts (once they have the new website runing) you can look at them all again through an email that links you back to all the info.They put you right in the middle of it all. You feel the tension, the fear, the anxiety of the whole operation.

So that took a whole day. Yay! We started shopping around after that… just to see if there were any good furniture deals. The idea was, if I can have everything ready to go or delivered by move-in day, we’d be golden.

Well…. we’re Platinum. We managed to find a brand new desk for my fabulous apartment.


Yaaaay Office Depot! (Pay no mind that it’s a phone screenshot… Moving on.)

The next big ticket item was a couch… but did I want just a regular couch? Or do I want a sleeper sofa… what color? What fabric? How big? Damn you adult decisions! I was seriously considering a cragslist couch. Honestly. And then we found this one:


It’s not the worst sleeper sofa I’ve ever seen…. it wasn’t great either though… yes, that’s denim.

Thank goodness we walked away and checked one more place because…..


TA DAAAAA! I bought a couch… but no, it’s not red. It’s this color!


🙂 🙂 🙂

Our plan worked. I’m pretty much all set for New Orleans life. It’s going to be a very busy Monday moving in. We’ll take 2 days to drive down after Christmas; move in my bed, dresser, TV & small bookshelves (plus miscellaneous necessities) I’m bringing with me. Pick up the couch & desk, and then the cable/internet/phone guy will be there in the morning.

Phew! I’m already tired just thinking about it.

*sips Sonic cherry limeade slush*

Ahhhh. Ok, all better.

Our plan now as we watch Elf, “yeah, up yours”, is to try to get on an early stand-by flight tomorrow. Maybe our NOLA luck will continue! Here’s hoping!

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