December Beauty!


Give me a break! I’ve been traveling! But I did finally get to my Birchbox and Ipsy bag ๐Ÿ™‚

20141221_235427[1]First off… how FREAKING adorable is this box. It reminds me of Elsa… let it goooooooo! let it GOOOOO!


Birchbox: Acure Organics – Lip Lush, Benefit Cosmetics – They’re Real! Mascara, Color Club – Art Duo Pen, Davines – Replumpint Superactive, Yu-Be – Moisturizing Skin Cream.

Ooh la-la, “birthday suit” how fitting! I’m pretty excited to get a full size surprise in the box this month. Happy Birthday to me! I’m always looking for a good nude lip product. I fairly recently spent too much on a Mary-Kay one and currently I can’t remember where I put it. It says there’s organic argon oil and echinacea stem cell in it…. I don’t know what that means but I hope it takes care of these constant dry, chapped lips of mine.

I’ve tried Benefit Cosmetics before and love the product. So, I love getting a replacement mascara for the car! ๐Ÿ™‚

The art duo pen is awesome, as you can see from the postย picture. The left hand isn’t as pretty, but thats how it always goes isn’t ladies. I feel you. It’ll probably last all of 4 hours as usual too. Anybody know of a non-chipping top coat?! Help a girl out!

I haven’t tried the Davine’s stuff yet, theres shampoo, conditioner and this fancy replumping leave-in and blow dry as normal stuff…. I just bought Toni&Guy shampoo/conditioner (from a previous birchbox, TARGET CARRIES IT!). But I love anything that may protect my hair when blow drying or curling!

(Tangent: I just caught up on Revenge. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

Back to beauty…. I’m a little iffy on this Japanese skin cream, it kind of smells like Vick’s Vapo Rub. It says its good for any kind of dry skin, including lips, but I don’t know that I want to be ingesting that just yet. I’ve got a couple people in the family already sick for Christmas.


Ipsy: Coolway – Boost Repair Treatment, Crown Brush – shadow/crease brush, NYX Cosmetics – butter lip balm in Marshmellow, Pixi by Petra – fairy dust?, Tarte – deluxe mascara.

I will say I was a little let down by Ipsy this month. I expected more in a Christmas bundle. But anyway…. I tried the NYX lip butter balm on my Birthday, I ended up with some kind of weird bubble on my lip, not sure it was related, but I’m tentative to try it again. It was also a nude color, so I really hope it wasn’t my skin having a weird reaction. I may have to check the ingredients.

I’m super loyal to my brushes, like…. I use them till all the bristles fall out. So getting a brand new, two sided one was nice, but will likely end up in my travel bag or the bottom of my purse for emergencies. After reading some of the reviews on the Fairy Dust, it may come in handy though.

I had no idea what the Pixi container was… it’s a weird applicator thing but after going online, I’ve figured out that its eyeshadow! Apparently it can be applied dry or wet… I’ll try it tomorrow.

Like I said before, I’m always a fan of travel size mascara. It’s the one thing I never leave home without putting on. The few times that I have make me feel weird….


Wildly accurate.

Hands down Birchbox wins December. They also added an extra special goodie which was a $10 gift card to Gap! I’m registering mine now. Maybe I’ll find a fabulous clothing item to complete my outfit for Christmas Eve at the Kennedy Center!!

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