Unveilings Round 1


6 planes in 3 days. Zero direct flights…

The week started in North Carolina. Our newest team member was thrust into the spotlight for the opening of the Southeast Unveiling Series. Talk about pressure.


We all arrive the day before the big event. It gives us time to sort out what we can do early and try to plan ahead for anything that could possibly arise the next morning. Most of the heavy lifting starts the morning of the event, which is a little nerve wracking.

My big task (along with my roommate) was the registration table. Stuffing bags for all the agents, stuffing & alphabatizing the name tags and anything else that needed to be done.

20150825_142827 20150825_164839

20150825_180638The Raleigh event went off without a hitch. It was so well organized and all the agents were so excited to be there!

The next morning, off we all went to catch flights to Atlanta. I stupidly requested American flights which meant not a direct flight in sight. I connected from Raleigh to Charlotte, then to Atlanta to catch up with the rest of my team who flew Delta. This event was to be a bit larger and we thought of some of the tasks that could be done before the morning so some of the team got started on those. We broke out into a little group later on to start calling and reminding the RSVP list of the time and location of the event…. 400 agents. We didn’t quite get through all of them.


I’m not entirely sure what happened… I think we were all a little worn out from the first event, but everyones brain stopped working. There were so many things that could have been done, yet none of us moved to do them until about 9:30pm when my roommate and one of our Wedding girls decided to get into the room holding all our stuff to start working. Originally we were just going to make the baskets, stuff the bags and organize the name tags…

IMG-20150826-WA0005 IMG-20150826-WA0008 IMG-20150826-WA0003

Unfortunately, We couldn’t find the name tag holders…. we were told they were probably stacked in the middle of one of the pallets of boxes and that we should just do them tomorrow…. 400 names to stuff? I don’t think so. We removed and organized every last box and luckily found the holders. Did we end up stuffing those nametags? nope.

My other job was to print nameplates for the VIP Tables. Each member was to send me their list of VIP names by table number. Meaning,

Table 1:

10 names listed….

Did that happen in Atlanta? NOPE. I was just sent a list of names, so I typed them up at home, printed all the lovely place cards and then handed them to the two BDMs to decide who they wanted at what table. Our Chairman also decided that morning that he was going to attend the event. So everyone was a little on edge. We had a few mishaps, but ultimately the event went well.


Towards the end of the event when our VP of Sales got up to speak, our sales team (all sitting at a table in the back) was unexpectedly recognized for our commitment to excellence. Which was pretty cool. We were called on stage in front of all the agents, some of my Alabama agents were in attendance and hooted and hollered their support which meant a lot to me.



We stayed up late to hang out with a group of our agents that were staying at the hotel that evening, but I eventually turned in at 1:30am…. I had to be up and in the lobby by 6am to catch my ride to the airport. I was super excited when I saw my ticket said ATL-MSY, but I seemed to have missed the little piece where it said I was going to MIAMI first… but the flight numbers were the same… I still had to change planes. womp. But I was seated next to a colleague for the leg – so that was fun.


I finally walked into my apartment at 2pm…. and flopped face first onto the couch.


Yes… that picture frame above my head is STILL empty. Stop judging me.

I had about 5 hours before I’d agreed to go with my girls group to a Zephyrs game. I never turn down a sporting event, no matter how exhausted I am.


It was also a fireworks night, of COURSE I was going. We got up to the ticket counter and a lovely gentleman came up to our group and asked us how many people we had then proceeded to give us vouchers for free tickets 🙂 It was also Elvis night. win-win-win!

I slept in till 11:30 Saturday. Like a lazy bum. But enough time to meet the group for Mid-Summer Mardi Gras at 3!

FB_IMG_1440951058780 FB_IMG_1440954234249

It was a very underwhelming parade… So we ended up at some college bar near Tulane called the Boot… We got there at 9pm. it was DEAD. It didn’t quite pick up till 11:30ish, and then I was taken right back to every single house party at Lynchburg. Groups of super bitchy cliques shoving their way past everyone in outfits I highly doubt their mothers would let them out of the house in. Thats when I realized “yeah, I’m too old for this…” and gracefully bowed out.

I didn’t have any plans for Sunday… just to sleep in again. Which I did, but was greeted to a message from one of the girls asking if I wanted to go to the Saints preseason game in the Superdome, she had 4 free tickets. DUH, yes! I’m there.

Check that off the bucket list too! Unfortunately the Saints lost, but we lucked out with free (great seat) tickets AND free parking.

20150830_142723 20150830_144345 20150830_144123 20150830_150156 20150830_174057

Not a bad weekend 🙂

Oh yeah… I still have to pack for this second set of Unveilings. My 5:50am flight to Orlando is tomorrow… Luckily the Tropical Storm Erika in the area has dissipated, but still has some flash flooding warnings hanging about. Oh yeah, I’ll also be in charge of a rental Tahoe. The geniuses on my team decided to put the most directionally challenged person on driving duty…. seriously, I got lost in a straight line once.

Here’s to overdosing on Emergen-C!


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