Unveilings are Coming

Phone 1449

4 weeks of travel lie ahead.

Allow me to let you into my work world. The next couple of weeks will seriously test my immune system. Don’t worry – I’ve already started the EmergenC regimen. Raspberry AND Orange – gotta cover the Team!


It all started on Aug 19 – I traveled from New Orleans to Flowood, MS to meet with a new agent in a Barnes & Noble Cafe… I may or may not have also bought myself a new hardcover book for $6. 3 hour drive there, 2 hour meeting, 3 hour drive back to make a drinking date with friends at The Bulldog in Midcity – it just so happened to be “Take Your Pint Night” where they supply patrons with surprisingly quality glasses with fun quotes on them to take home when you finish your beer.

Phone 1571

Phone 1574

My logic was “ok, I have to have 4 beers tonight to take home a set”. I left with 3, two I drank myself – the third was one a friend didn’t want…. he apparently had enough at home. I told my buddy (who picked me up so I didn’t have to drive anymore that day) that I couldn’t be out late since I had to be in Lafayette, LA by 11:30 the next morning.

Phone 1577

It was an agent’s birthday – I didn’t find that out until I was paying the catering check for their lunch and realized they’d added a birthday cake to it and “forgot” to tell me… nice. I had to stop at my storage unit (good thing I did) to pick up the projector screen, then get breakfast on the way and balloons. I conducted a training for about an hour, loaded back into the car and drove the 2 hours home to pack a bag and start the 5 hour drive to Birmingham. because……

Phone 1585 Phone 1586

Another agent was sponsoring a hole-in-one sweepstakes for a golf tournament! I arrived, parked my Sandalized car on the putting green, and addressed the 54 golfers anxiously awaiting their shotgun start. The agent and I then spent the next 6 hours together over lunch, training, and planning 2016 marketing initiatives. Thank goodness I have a quality hotel I like in Birmingham. I had also been trying to connect with another agent all day – but due to shitty T-Mobile service, my reception was spotty. I bit the bullet and told him I’d meet with him Saturday Morning.

Phone 1592 Phone 1597

I was able to get a haircut and a manicure in after, for Sunday’s bridal show and the next set of travels.

Monday I will leave for Raleigh, NC – our first Southeast “Game Changer” Unveiling series. A giant event for all the Travel Agents in the area that features a tradeshow, sit-down dinner, and presentations by our VP of Sales and GM’s from the different resorts (quite possibly special appearances by our Chairman and CEO). Basically a HUGE networking opportunity for the Agents, 250 have RSVPd. Did I mention we’re all setting these up by ourselves? We each have a long list of tasks (I’m creating all the name plates for VIP tables this weekend & hopefully printing them Monday morning before I leave), in addition to having to finding the hotel to host it in, a photographer, florist, and goody bags/gift baskets.

Wednesday we’ll then all take off for Atlanta to do it all again for another set of close to 430 agents, then home Friday for the weekend to continue working on my 2016 Marketing plans for my Select 50, and my Spring Regional report. Monday August 31st I’ll head to Orlando for their Game Changer (almost 400 agents), rent a car, pack it up & drive to Miami (320 agents). I’ll make sure my report is tightened up and printed that weekend and pack for Jamaica for a 10 day stay starting Sept 7 – first 5 days are a FAM, the next 5 are our Regional Meeting.

Busy, is the understatement of the year.  When I get back I have a slew of evening events and another weekend bridal show before another 9 days in Jamaica. 🙂 Maybe I’ll try to hit the gym tonight….. or just start drinking….

#AdventureYear #RoadWarrior

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