Year One and Unveilings Two

Game ChangerI was pleasantly reminded yesterday that my little blog here is officially 1 year old!

orlando unveiling

Reflecting on the last year – its been an exciting whirlwind. Thats the best word I can come up with to describe it. From picking up and moving, deciding to change professions, starting a fabulous new job, and blindly navigating what that exactly means, I’ve learned a lot.

You’ve all been following the ups and downs, and for that, I thank you!! I couldn’t imagine a better support system and I love sharing all my adventures with you.

Here’s the latest!

I was up and at em early Monday (3:30am) to make my 5:50am flight connecting in Charlotte. I slept pretty much the whole short flight thank goodness, but as we taxied into the gate at Charlotte, I noticed how tight my connection was going to be. Rolled into E gates, Flight was leaving from D in about 20 minutes. And I still needed coffee. To the rescue came my North Cackalacky teammate. I felt almost like a celebrity…. as much as one can feel “celebrity status” walking onto a domestic flight to sit in row 24…. but as I passed my teammate, he hands me a large, hot cup of coffee, creamer and sugar. That’s team work right there.

Another quick nap and we were in Orlando. I was told to request a larger rental vehicle, since we were to have about 20 reservation agents from Grenada joining us for the first event and I was scheduled on pick-up duty. We get to the enterprise counter and find our way to our vehicle for the rest of the week. It’s a behemoth, an 8 seater Ford Expedition XLT. Which I successfully talked Cackalacky into driving to start. We also decided we were hangry, and called some of the other colleagues.


We ended up sitting at an Italian restaurant for a good HOUR before the three muskateers showed up… I’d already ordered since I was headed back to the airport for a 3pm pick up.

hotel ballroom

The hotel was MASSIVE. I’m almost certain there was a lazy river pool setup, but I never actually saw the outside unless I was driving. The big joke was that to get to our meeting space/ballroom, you had to walk a 5k. It sure felt like it. The hotel apparently knows we’re quite a group, so they put us AAAAALLLLL the way at the end. in the last ballroom. We went through the usual motions of getting everything set up the morning of and executed a lovely event.

I’ve been working Registration for each of these events, which means I’ve been able to meet just about every. single. agent. in the Southeast. It’s like a well oiled machine now, so come my event in October. We’ll be GOLDEN!

registration miami reg

After the Orlando event, I had planned to go to bed. I was already there in fact! Jammies on…. the whole 9. And then I was talked into going down to the bar. 20150902_010223

I ended up stealing Cackalacky’s jacket since I put a different outfit on to go down. Which then our coworker promptly spilled red wine on.


whoops 🙂

Remember that giant vehicle that I was told to rent? Well It was supposed to hold passengers for the drive from Orlando to Miami also…. I ended up in that bus with only boxes of brochures. Yup, a 3 hour drive by myself. Nothing unusual there.

We had been tasked to call the agents who had RSVP’d once we arrived and checked in at the hotel. Keep in mind, this is Miami…. not all of them speak English. It was a serious struggle. I got through my list thankfully, but registration the next evening was a different animal. It’s harder to take down names when the agents only speak Spanish and you’re trying to ask them how that’s spelled…. I’m super rusty.

Me & Cackalacky

The event was a little different because of that fact, half of the agents probably didn’t understand what we were presenting because they don’t speak a lick of English. They chatted through each and every presenter… the table behind mine even pulled up youtube videos to watch. Just a tad annoying.

The end of this event meant a couple weeks of a break until we get into the New Orleans one. I’m planning it a bit differently than the previous 4. It’s not an Unveiling Event… its a Game Changing PARTY. So many ideas!! Just wait and see what we come up with next 🙂

I was able to snag the remaining two bottles of Robert Mondavi wine that didn’t find homes in gift baskets, and our whole group headed to the bar to celebrate a job well done.


Thankfully my flight on Friday didn’t leave till 12:20pm so I had a little time to sleep in. Although my roommate scared the crap out of me when I woke up by asking “aren’t you supposed to be at the airport?”, I had no idea what time it was. It was only 9am. phew! I had a tough time rolling out of bed, but eventually planted both feet firmly on the floor. Mainly because I still had to put gas in the mammoth before I returned it to Enterprise.


Now I remember why I didn’t buy a truck.

Positive: My flight was direct. Negative: I had a middle seat…. The airport was PACKED when I got home, and I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out why. The taxi line was forever long, apparently it’s Southern Decadence Weekend… New Orleans celebrates EVERYTHING. As I finally headed home, I remembered that I was supposed to be receiving a package to take with me to Jamaica next week. So as much as I wanted to flop face first onto the couch again, I had to visit my storage unit first. Hmmm…. no boxes. OK, maybe I gave the Leasing Office address…. oh crap, it’s closed for the holiday weekend.

Minor panic attack, my flight Monday leaves at 6am and this package holds 25 workbooks for an agent workshop in Jamaica. Luckily I found the e-mail I’d sent that actually had my apartment address… phew… maybe UPS just hasn’t delivered them yet. We’ll find out around 7:30 tonight.

Another full weekend of work lies ahead before I head to Jamaica for 10 days. Luckily Monday is a holiday, so I’ll have some downtime at one of the resorts I haven’t seen yet.

The ball keeps rolling!


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