So, Audobon park in the middle of New Orleans has turtles! Who knew!? Yes, I shared my pretzles.

I needed a break. I’d been in a funk. Michael Jackson did help (The Live in Bucharest 1992 Concert to be exact), that and a bottle of wine, but what I really needed was some fresh air and to completely unplug.


So I finally took my bike out, after a month of collecting dust in my living room, it was time to just go. I decided Audobon Park was going to be the destination (It was either that, drive to Pensacola for the weekend, or get a tattoo, Mom will be happy to know I chose against that last one). Its a short 4 mile trek from my apartment (total 10 mile round trip since I rode all the way around the park too), I’ve done it before… with a complete stranger…. at night…. don’t tell my mother! (PS. Happy Mother’s Day!)

20150509_122415 IMG_20150509_121929

This time the trip was a little quicker – minus the maneuvering between cars down the street. details shmetails!  I had a new book and an open day, time for a little relaxation. I found a great little open bench along the pond, and got myself all set up. There was a gentle breeze, some kind of family reunion or party happening (I’m not super sure, all I know is they had orange tie-dyed t-shirts and a moon bounce), and I had an afternoon completely free.

Isn’t that a weird phenomenon in this fast paced world we live in? To have absolutely no responsibility, even for just a few hours. At first it makes me feel like I forgot something, but once I let it all go, I can actually enjoy it. There are so many people in the world rushing around, planning all these things that actually don’t contribute to the enrichment of our lives.

You can’t please everybody, but pissing everybody off is really easy. Where is the middle ground? Why is it that people are so focused on themselves that they forget about others? Where is the compromise?

There has been an article floating around recently about a New York writer who quit her $95k/year job to move to the Caribbean to scoop ice cream. I get it, who wouldn’t want to do that? Hell, I’d do it too! But think about the back story, she worked a $95k/year job for how many years? She also has a book published which I’m going to go out on a limb and say she’s probably still collecting royalties on. Its tough to make a huge life change like that without some planning.

Sure, you can travel the world for a time, on a budget. But eventually the money starts to run low, or God forbid you run into unforseen issues, and then what? How do you make that last? Worrying about finances when your’e trying to relax and enjoy life takes the joy right out of the whole picture. I’m a planner, blame it on my Type – A personality, but I like to have some sort of plan before I jump into a life changing opportunity. I stayed in a job, at home, living with my parents, until the right thing came along. There were pleny of opportunities and interviews, oh the interviews… but timing is everything.

Here’s the thing… I love my job, I know that I’m going to be in New Orleans at least until the end of December. That’s the only plan I have right now. And yes, that scares me. Fear of the Unknown of course. But sometimes you just need to take a break, and think about those crazy, maybe unrealistic (maybe realistic?), opportunities. I’m not saying shoot them down, You all know I’m a firm believer in “when opportunity knocks, answer”, but it has to be a smart answer. Find the middle ground, and make it work.

A wise woman once told me when somebody wants something bad enough, they will make it happen. There won’t be excuses or anything standing in the way. The same goes with opportunities that will present themselves in your life – its all about the timing. Make the smart choices for you, and when in doubt… Call your mother.

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