Personality Types

type a

This Huffington Post Article just happened to pop up on my newsfeed today and I thought I’d give some additional insight. We’re all different, So here are a few of my additional explanations…

Because of my background, there are a few similarities and differences that I wouldn’t say completely take me out of the Type-A personality type, but its just interesting to see the full picture.

1.) We’re not impatient, just efficient. Yes, traffic drives me nuts, because I have places to be, and yes, that takes away from the efficiency of my scheduled day. Heck, we use MapQuest Route Planner for our Sales Calls to determine the best route in the shortest amount of time…. But I’ll also admit I’m SUPER impatient… especially when its something important to me.

2.) Arriving late to anything is agonizing. This is 100% true, and completely instilled in me by my mother. I will be there early, because it is respectful. It shows you I value you, and your time. It’s a total slap in the face when someone is late – it basically says to that person, “you are not important in my life”. (There are of course exceptions, but stuff like traffic? you should have left earlier).

3.) We live by to-do lists. I write everything down. It gives me a sense of pride and joy when I can cross through something, especially if its been on the list for a while. Also, I’ll completely forget it if I don’t write it down…

4.) Each task we’re assigned is urgent. Not every time. Lets face it, unless you’re a doctor, someone is not going to die if you prioritize your list and another project is 3rd or 4th. You can’t do it all yourself, all at the same time.

5.) We’re extremely goal-oriented. Yes. Growing up in competitive sports kinda screws you there. The object of the game is to win. And when you have as much control as a Pitcher does…. yeah, you’re going to do everything you can to achieve that goal. It doesn’t always happen, but there is always something to strive for.

6.) It’s hard for us to relax. Like I said in my last post – I feel like I’m forgetting to do something when I have “free time”, mainly because that concept is completely foreign to me. As a student athlete, every minute of every day was scheduled eat-lift-class-class-eat-class-class-practice-eat-homework-sleep- repeat. Even 5 years later I’m still adjusting. It’s a lot more difficult when you have complete control over your own schedule too…

7.) We get stressed out easliy. Not completely true, I’ve had that damn “sphere of influence” idea beaten into me my whole life. THANKS DAD. The “you can only control what is inside your circle” and as a Pitcher (that’s a whole 8 feet of space), you aren’t allowed to show any kind of emotion on the field. You keep it inside, harness it, and use it for the next situation. I’ve been conditioned for that bases-loaded, winning-run-on-3rd, full-count & catcher-is-calling-for-a-change-up kind of pressure. It was always “Here Missy, you fix it”. So if I’m stressed, you’ll never see it. That was actually one of only compliments my previous boss ever gave to me.

8.) We have nervous habits. Do I?! Somebody please tell me what mine is. It could possibly be overanalyzing things. Do you think that’s it? shit.

9.) We’re emotional. HA, that’s a good one. *see #7* I don’t show emotion well, although I am getting better at it.

10.) We’re constantly ruminating over something. Well duh, there’s always something I could have done better or differently, and something else on the to-do list, or a “maybe I shouldn’t have said it like that”, “that probably didn’t come across the way I wanted it to”, “Oh great, now what are they thinking….”… I’ll just continue all that in my head….

11.) We have a competitive side. Hi… have you met me? 🙂

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