Observations of a Road Warrior

1.) I’m freaking exhausted. Is Blitz over yet?!

2.) People forget how to drive with any kind of precipitation.. or just don’t know how to drive at all. I’m talking to you silver minivan who decided to take your left turn at a red light, cut me off, and proceed to cross 3 lanes of traffic… at night.

3.) Trucks are assholes (GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE)

4.) Sitting for long periods of time makes my ass/legs numb

5.) Finding healthy food on the road is super difficult


6.) I love cruise control

7.) New Orleans to Shreveport is the worst. drive. ever. Kool Aid Jammers help.


8.) I don’t get enough sleep

9.) I have a list of fun things to do in each state in my territory

10.) I have not done any of them…

11.)  Trying new foods is scary down here… no, I have not tried Alligator or Turtle yet.

12.)  My hair always looks best before I go outside on a RAINY DAY. Then it looks miserable.

13.) I have driven over 550 miles, and been in 6 cities…. this week… It’s only Tuesday

14.) I miss my bed

15.) I have gotten REALLY good at eavesdropping in restaurants

16.) I still have not gotten used to the strange stares people give me while driving my wrapped vehicle


17.) I’m going to go old-school and stash CD’s in the car. One can only stand hearing the same 4 songs on the radio for 5 hours.

18.) Do NOT go to Walmart when hangry.


Cut to me buying triscuits, cheese, double stuff oreo’s, chocolate covered pretzles, and 2 bottles of wine (twist off)

19.) Numbers to date

  • 158 visits to different agencies in LA, MS, AL
  • Participated in 5 weekend shows, 2 weekday shows
  • Hosted 3 evening events

20.) Do not go to Ruby Tuesday and order the steak

21.) Go to Outback, order the cheese fries, house salad, Victoria’s Filet cooked medium with broccoli, and a Blue Moon


22.) I can’t travel without wild berry Skittles

23.) I have learned how to properly pronounce Natchitoches, Atchafalaya, and Opelousas.

24.) This is what it means to decorate my office now


25.) Pie = dinner

I’m sure there will be more additions. Stay Tuned!

Yes. this post is very heavy with the Supernatural gifs. Judge away.

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