More Adult Apartment Suff


We’ve been through this. I have terrible judgement when prioritizing needs for my apartment.
I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect storage ottoman that will comfrtably support my tired feet and a glass of wine, while also hiding the extra blankets/pillows I have stashed in the corner of my living room…


The bike isn’t hiding it all so well… and I have not found that ottoman yet. Maybe mom will be my good luck charm when she comes to town. I was also getting really tired of having to hold my dinner in my lap or eating at my desk… Sad flashbacks of my past 3 years with the Redskins.

Anyway, I walked over to walmart to find some medicine as my sinuses have decided to rebel against me, and ended up walking past the home goods section just because.

Lo and behold, there it was. A cheap, temporary coffee table for the whopping price of 18 dollars. Done. I tucked the awkward box under my arm and on to find tissues I went (Puffs Plus of course, my nose is sensitive).

As I’m walking out, the door guy asks to see my reciept. REALLY? I have this awkward, long, thin but surprisingly weighted box under one arm and a bag with mucinex, sudafed, tissues and emergen-c in the other hand. And you want to see my reciept?! Assbutt. Sure, let me just put all my crap on the ground in the doorway where people are walking in and out to fish out my reciept.

Apparently little white girls steal home goods and drugs at this walmart… I really want to know how many people walked out with one of these coffee tables before they were like “we should probably check that”.

The drugs aren’t working yet. But I set out on my next home project. At least this one didn’t have too many parts.


Dad would have had this thing put together in 10 minutes. It took me almost the entire Evan Almighty movie (on E!, so commercials included). But I finally have a temporary solution to my table space problem. The stuff in the corner will just have to stay there a little while longer.


Hooray for Wal*Mart!

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