Impromptu Concerts: Usher


When you get a chance to see Usher perform live, from a suite. YOU GO.

And if you’re really nice, you call your sister 2.5 hours before the concert starts, to join you.


That was my Monday evening. Four tickets ended up in my lap for Usher’s ‘The UR Experience Tour’ at the Verizon Center. So of COURSE I was going to go. Whether I went by myself or not, that was the only question. So I call my sister first.

Now, you may recall, Big Seester has a 7 month old… So I wasn’t sure she’d be able to spring into action the way she did. She got permission from her hubby (THANKS PHILIPPE!) to go and off to Daddio’s house the nugget went. Mind you, this is at 5pm… the concert starts at 7:30pm, an hour away.

I am a HUGE fan of public transportation. I used it the whole summer I was in NYC, and I’d much rather take the Metro into DC than try to drive. So off we went on the shiny new Silver Line, Seester isn’t so much of a fan of the metro…. But we made it, met up with another friend of mine & his buddy, and to the Suite Life we made our merry way.

August Alsina?
August Alsina?

We missed the first couple opening acts, but who cares. We had no idea  who they were anyway. Concert started at 7:30, Usher went on at 9:05ish. We got there with perfect timing. I will tell you, I have become SUPER spoiled for the rest of my life when it comes to sporting events & concerts. Many of them, due to my job, mean I get to hang out in a suite with lots of space. (Unless we go to Justin Timberlake in FABULOUS seats, but even then, some obnoxious asshat drunk may throw up on your seats… another story for another day).

We find our way to some snacks (chicken tenders, fries & beers…. because we’re still children, but legal-to-drink children) and get ready to rock.

Big Seester and I get this awesome snapchat from our little brother (at Penn State) thats just him with stone cold face flipping us off for being where we are. So like JT, we decide to facetime him for Usher’s grand entrance and then again towards the end of the night. I was surprised how many songs of his I actually knew, I wasn’t expecting that to happen, but I guess when he’s been making music since like, 1994, I was bound to know a few.

Here are the decent photos I was able to snag:

The Grand Entrance
He plays the drums too
he plays the drums too
And we all know he’s an amazing dancer
yay pyrotechnics!!!

IMG_9862 IMG_9866 IMG_9876 IMG_9896 IMG_9923 IMG_9934

He was amazing. Top 5 favorite concerts for sure. Only performer who could top the list would be Michael Jackson and well… that ship has sailed. 😦 (RIP King of Pop)


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