Beauty Box! November


WAHOOWA!! Birchbox and Ipsy both finally came in! I had been spoiled the past two months with them arriving on the same day. This time I had 2 whole days between shipments! TWO WHOLE DAYS!

Lets check what we got –

Birchbox: Elsor Firming Collagen Day Cream, Harvey Prince Shampoo & Conditioner, MAKE Eye Makeup Remover, theBalm cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer


Ipsy: ClariSEA Sea Salt Solutions, J.Cat Beauty Lip Paint, Marc Anthony Moroccan Argan Oil Hairspray (wait, THIS guy?), Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil, TEMPTU Highlighter

Shout out to Big Seester for giving me a song he’s sung… I could not think of one for the life of me…

MAKE’s eye makeup remover was first, start with a clean slate right? Its awesome. Just give it a little shake to mix the oil up, dab onto a cotton pad (like the ones you use to remove chipped nail polish) and swipe. DONE.

Next was the Sea Salt Solutions… I was iffy about it, it says you can mix it with your normal moisturizer or water and rub into your face. I wet with water as a constant… didn’t notice much of anything happening except the feeling like I was rubbing sea salt on my face…. not impressed.

You know I love eyeliner. ESPECIALLY purple. It’s supposed to pop green eyes, so add some glitter to it and VOILA! Its super smooth for a pencil and glides on easy, the only down side of that? It also smears easily too. But its bright and fun and perfect for a fun night out.


Now, this Wonder Lip Paint came in the glitter bag (which I love) INSIDE another itty bitty ziploc type bag. That makes me nervous, like they were expecting it to possibly explode and contaminate everything else during shipping or they wouldn’t have taken that precaution. It’s more of a….. I’m not really sure… a lip stain? thats really runny? It’s almost like when you were a kid and you smooshed the blackberries between your fingers and the juice ran all the way down your hand because mom wouldn’t let you wear makeup so you played around with that as color instead and then got in trouble for making a mess. yeah. thats it.


You definintely want to use a lip liner when using it. Or you will end up looking like a 5 year old who just ate a popsicle on a really hot day.

You know what that looks like. Don’t lie.

Last up for the night was the battle of the highlighters…


I have a couple of theBalm cosmetics other products, I love the blush stain, and everything comes in these cute little boxy type containers. It all boils down to what kind of highlighter look you’re going for, glossy wth TEMPTU or matte like Cindy-Lou. Although I may be biased, my mom’s nickname is Cindy-Lou…. 🙂

Tough to pick a winner this month, I wasn’t as excited as I have been in past months… I think the saving grace may have been Birchbox’s extra little surprise..


Candy always wins

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