Boys of Fall


IMG_8847[1]What it feels like going to your High School’s football game after you graduate…

  1. Yeahh High School Football, warm Friday Night, lovely
  2. Ughhhh theres no parking
  3. Admission is HOW MUCH?!
  4. Wow, these kids are like… 12
  5. Wait, parents let their high schoolers out of the house wearing that?
  6. Shit, I feel old
  9. I remember this cheer! *stomps & claps along*
  10. IMG_8849[1]Halftime, yaaaaaay Marching band
  11. Wow, the team talent has gotten so much better than when I was here
  12. Oh look, the cheerleaders traded push-ups for jumping jacks, All their faces be like “how many more we have to do?! 45, 46, 47, 48…..”
  13. Why does this game feel so slow
  14. Hooray for a win! that was fun
  15. Only 2 more years till my 10 year reunion……


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