So… I have the iPhone 4s… I’ve had it for about 3 years now. I refused to upgrade last year when I could because I had this really cute wooden phone case shipping to me and I just didn’t want to have wasted the $30. It had an elephant carved into it. Logical, I know. 

And its not that I’ve been having a TON of issues with my current device. Sure, it has its moments where it freezes, or the touch screen doesn’t respond. But I REALLLLLYYY want the new stuff, I just can’t bring myself to spend the $600 original price tag to upgrade before my contract is up…. Now that Apple has just made their big announcement, I’m intrigued to see the lines of people and what the wait-time will end up being to have the latest & greatest. I’ll just keep waiting till July of next year so I can have the 5s for $99…. ughhhhh

In case you missed it; here’s everything you need to know. Courtesy of BuzzFeed.

While everyone is over there planning their day & moving money from their savings accounts to be spent on the technology of 2014 (phone) and 2015 (watch), I’m over here wondering when someone is going to take that technology and customize it to look like this:



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