Binge Watching

rainbow vomit

Little tidbit about me, I become addicted to things easily.

New workouts, food, movies, TV. Anything.  I watched 8.5 seasons of Supernatural in 2 months when I got a brand new TV and Roku box for Christmas last year. It got to the point where good ‘ol dad had the heart-to-heart “we’re worried, you need to get out more” talk with me. Whoops!

told you

Bachelor in Paradise

My recent binge show has been Bachelor in Paradise. There is so much drama packed into one little package. It’s like the producers went “Chris, awesome idea for you, let’s bring all the losers from bachelor & bachelorette fame, put them together in Mexico and watch what happens, you barely have to talk at all!” WINNER.

I’ve contemplated the shows before, wondering what drives people to sign up for that. Even after hearing that Farmer Chris is the new bachelor (I loved him from Andi’s season), I seriously considered sending in a tape.

Seriously, how can you not love him
how can you not love him

Then I thought about it…  I don’t share well. I wouldn’t be able to thrive in that setting. As my mother has stated “you’d come off as the bitch of the group”, and she’s right (as mom’s usually are)

Wise Momma
Wise Momma

I have a fundamental issue with “wandering eyes” which is ironic, because its all around me in my career path. I see it & experience it firsthand.

Monogamy is an anomaly. That’s crap. What are we teaching the younger generations?!

But isn’t that what you sign up for on these shows? Isn’t that why we watch? It hardly ever pans out the way we hope real life does, we throw fits when there isn’t enough drama, and it’s no longer shocking when someone decides to leave “I can’t do this anymore. I’m sick of feeling like this. I feel so rejected….”

bachelorette crying


waaahhhhhh I think i hear the waaaaaahhhmbulance coming… ummmm hi, you signed up with 25 other people trying to win the affections of ONE person, who, probably can’t remember your name for the first rose ceremony, what did you think was going to happen?

But is this the direction modern dating is moving? Maybe that’s why I’m still single… Men should just carry around roses & hand them out with their phone numbers on them when they’re interested in a girl. I’d be happy with a dandelion honestly, at least that’d make showing interest easier….


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