Society’s “Pretty” Problem

pretty hurts
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Queen Bey said it…

Blonder hair, flat chest
TV says, “Bigger is better.”
South beach, sugar free
Vogue says, “Thinner is better.”

Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever’s worst
Perfection is a disease of a nation

But what is “Pretty“? And why do we follow someone else’s expectation and example of it instead of our own?

Gripe: Junk food is cheap & convenient vs. “Healthy” food

With the entertainment industry people (film, TV, Sports, etc) making millions of dollars every year, its easy to preach a “healthy lifestyle”. Us little people over here have to budget our incomes. I don’t know many people in my workplace who can afford the personal chef and nutritionist while also affording the DMV area rent (hence why I still live at home). Why is it that society holds us to this standard? “Eat Veggies! Eat Fruit! MORE QUINOA!“, I certainly can’t afford that every week!

Lesson: Eat what you want. Just make sure you’re OK with how it makes you feel.

Gripe: “I don’t like the way I look, but exercising is hard/time consuming/too expensive.”

BULLSHIT. Go for a walk, it’s FREE. Doesn’t have to be along one, just up the street and back. It’s better than nothing. OR Target has these fabulous cheap Yoga DVD’s (obsession #2) that are anywhere from 10 minutes-60 minutes long.


OR follow a fabulous friend of mine “MakeTimeForFit” Instagram:


Lesson: Do however much or little you want. It’s your body.

Gripe: What is Healthy/Pretty?!

Size 12

I’m a size 12. I played softball for 18 years. I now am crazy enjoy participating in fun half-marathons and 5k run/walks.

National Harbor Color Run
National Harbor Color Run
My First Half Marathon - Diva Wine Country Sept. 2013
My First Half Marathon – Diva Wine Country Sept. 2013
Nike Women's Half - April 2014
Nike Women’s Half – April 2014
RFK Electric Run 2014
RFK Electric Run 2014

I do not have a flat stomach photographs are deceiving, or a thigh gap. I like burgers, and bacon, and french fries, and ice cream. I have an ass thats big and round like the letter C (though I’m no Kim Kardashian) and cellulite.

Lesson: I jiggle. And my body does everything I ask it to. That’s healthy/pretty to me. I’ll be honest here… Saturday I walked 6 miles. Sunday & Monday? Holiday? I sat on my big, round ass, stuffed my face & had a few beers with friends.


Take “pretty” into your own hands. Flaunt it. Clearly, as women, clothing size means nothing – I dare you to find two of the same size pants from a department store and tell me they both fit the same. Nobody knows what that tag says but you.

We each have our own lives. Be what you want to be & do what makes you feel good

You are not a number.

You are thoughts, and feelings, and passions, and fears.

And that my friends, is beautiful.

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