So Jem and the Holograms is coming to the silver screen soon.

I’ve always been a fan. Yes, even though she was before my time. I was seriously born in the wrong decade. I love everything 80s.

Even though the plot line is a little skewed – in the cartoon Jerrica actually owns the production company – they’ve modernized it to appeal to the younger generations. I get it. I told Big Seester I wanted to be Jem a couple weeks ago and she responded with “will anyone but us know who that is?” I sinceriously hope so after this movie opens.

I was trying to find a quick Friday-before-Halloween costume… off to WalMart in the middle of the day I went. I hoped it wouldn’t be too crowded, people should still be at work/school but I barely made it down the Halloween aisle. I think there was ONE pink wig left and I snatched it up so fast.

I mentally searched my closet going “I”m pretty sure I have a pink dress at home that can work, I just need the wig, some hot pink makeup, and shoes”. I had a little fun with the $5 sneakers I picked up.


I mean, who else is going to have ridicuously glitter covered shoes with Jem on the back?! NOBODY thats who 🙂 Good thing I had glitter, tacky glue, glitter glue and paint in my craft bin already.

I’d been seeing makeup options on Pinterest, found one that looked simple enough and ran with it. The palette I picked up was actually for gothic makeup, but it was the perfect shade of electric pink.

20151030_215302 20151030_215307

Ladies, why did we ever stop doing our makeup like this?! Corporate shmorporate – let’s have fun with our makeup again.

I also found some cheap wired silver sparkle ribbon to make the belt. Cut fringe into it and wrapped it around myself (secured with bobby pins since I wasn’t actually going out) and wahlah!

Showtime Synergy!

20151030_214844 20151030_214927

Not a bad DIY costume! I was way too tired to actually meet up with friends in it, this week kicked my ass. But maybe I can break it back out for an 80s night in the future 🙂 hopefully not 107 weeks….as thats how long ago the photo below was taken.


Can’t wait to show you all how the group costume comes out tomorrow! Mother Nature is not planning on being kind to us though :/

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