Foodie Adventures

I love food.

I probably said it 100 times in my recent presentation. Its tough to talk about resorts and not think about the food. I’m not typically the kind of person to branch out when it comes to new food. I’m a creature of habit; burgers, french fries, fried pickles… you can’t go wrong! Very plain Jane, nothing hot or spicy, “can I have a side of ranch?”, ketchup is fine.

But if I’m going to give a hash tag to an entire year, it has to encompass all aspects of life… that means food too.

I’ve decided to turn to the locals for help.┬áIn Jamaica I tried Escargot for the first time. True, not Jamaican, but it was a French restaurant.

Where my 90s kids at!?

Tuscaloosa? BBQ. duh. I’ve never been a fan, sauces differentiate so much and you can’t tell just by looking at them. That’s a lot at stake for my sensitive taste buds! But when an agent of mine told me I couldn’t leave without going to Dreamland, I optimistically obliged.

The place is called Dreamland for heaven’s sake. it can’t be that scary.


Lord have mercy, I was so wrong.

20150125_163424 20150125_163429 20150125_163532

There are dolla dolla bills yo, hanging all over the walls, doors, CEILING.

I had no idea what I was in for. I certainly wasn’t ready for what came next – you basically order by the slab. Quarter slab, half slab, full slab, or sausage links. And your side choices are baked beans, potato salad, or coleslaw. That’s it.


No wonder the people here are large. These are your “dinner rolls”. Yes… there are 6 slices of white bread, and BBQ dipping sauce.

20150125_164648 20150125_164654A SPORK. A PLASTIC SPORK. This is not Taco Bell! What did I expect, the sliced white bread came on a styrofoam plate… but the ribs were damn good.


Alabama BBQ success. I had to take my blazer off in there though, I felt way overdressed….

Next it was on to Shreveport, LA for that first solo presentation. No pressure or anything….

20150126_175912 20150126_175922

By 8pm, surpriiiiiise, I was hungry again. So I turned to the Hotel owner for some guidance.

“The bar next door has really good pizza. I don’t know how they cook it, but its like, REALLY good.”



OMG. Did she just send me to a strip club!? The Stray Cat?! It totally sounds like it. deep breaths…


One bartender working, I ask about the pizza.

“Well, its frozen pizza. And we only sell one kind, pepperoni. But the way the oven cooks it is awesome”.

oh…. okay. I’d like a beer please. yes, that Sunshine one sounds great. As I sit down, I realize the music is 80s on 8. And I feel oddly comfortable….


And out comes the promised frozen pizza. On napkins….. nope, no plates.


I stupidly remark that I hope they have a box because there’s no way I’m going to finish that whole thing.

“I have foil I can wrap it up in”. oh good. Just like home!


I’ll give it to em though, I need to get me one of them magic ovens, because that was the most delicious frozen pizza I’ve ever tasted. And look! Leftovers!!


Ahh, cold pizza. Breakfast of Champions.

ps. Jennifer Lawrence is my spirit animal.


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