More DIY Home Goods

I was feeling pretty good about myself with my last project. So now that I finally had a nice day at home, I decided to tackle another that’s been staring at me since Jan. 9th. 


Remember this little package? Yeah, I ordered it after Christmas. Before I even moved down to NOLA. Its supposed to be this:

BYGEL Utility cart IKEA The top of the cart is reversible and can be used as a tray.

The Ikea Bygel Utility Cart. Currently on sale for $29.99! I got mine for $40 including shipping, still, not bad. Again, I found it on Pinterest first,

History In High Heels: DIY: $25 Ikea Bar Cart Hack

and thought, “I could totally do that”.

Finally having a nice quiet Sunday at home, I decided to crack open the box and get to work. I had picked up the gold metallic spray paint weeks ago on one of my many Wal*Mart runs, so that was also taunting me every time I walked past the kitchen.


And out to the baby balcony I went, with my box of parts. And I’ll admit, I may have gotten a little out of hand with the spray paint. Tangent, did you know you have to be 18 to buy spray paint?! That was a weird carding experience. Especially since I had to ask the cashier if she needed my ID for the case of beer I was buying today….

Anyway…. back to the art project.

20150201_113707 20150201_113710 20150201_113716 20150201_131331



Yes, I even spray panted the screws, because how awful would that look to have gold everything and silver screws. NOT IN MY HOUSE! I may have even found the greatest alternative to nail polish, since mine always chips within 5 minutes.


So after letting the pieces dry, It was time to actually put everything together. Now, I’m not sure how much experience you’ve had with IKEA items, but I haven’t had a whole lot. And Dad put together my desk when I moved in sooooooo…. The directions have zero wording on them. Just photos. So you’re pretty much left on you own to figure it out.


After a little bit of fighting with the screws and aligning the holes correctly, I finally got it to look like it was supposed to!

20150201_170557 20150201_171459 20150201_171545

I’m definitely going to have to add some contact paper or grippy place mats so everything doesn’t slide when I move it. But put a check in the win column for this one! 2 for 2!

It’ll suffice as a part time side table till I get some more furniture. I still need that storage ottoman in front of the couch so I don’t have the pile of blankets and pillows in the corner on the floor. Also, that stack of picture frames on the far left will be arranged above the couch eventually….

Also, good news! When you do end up with spray paint all over your hands or even on the balcony (oops) that handy dandy nail polish (100% acetone) will get rid of it with no problem!

20150201_172308 20150201_172415Look!!! my foot isn’t bruised anymore!

That deserves a beer, here’s to a good Super Bowl game.  CHEERS!

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