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RIP 2006 Coffee maker, you served me well
As I said in a previous post, I have a hard time buying things I actually use… because I don’t think I use kitchen appliances as often as I do and while I don’t drink coffee like some others I know, I really like green tea.

So it came to the point this morning that when I woke up and my trusty Mr. Coffee was completely dead, I was a little more let down than I should have been. I don’t mean the leaking from the bottom kind of dying like it was doing when I moved in. I mean, full on, no clock lights, won’t even turn on when plugged in dead.

And I had a bridal show to go to this evening, I was going to be in dire need of coffee & tea.

Well I didn’t get to Wal*Mart before the show, so I just suffered quietly until about 9pm.

Small annoyance coming home when my key fob to my apartment only worked on the front door of the building… my apartment is alllllll the way across in the back. Sweet. But I dropped my stuff, shoved my bruised foot into some boat shoes and walked over to Wal*Mart.


I know. My feet are gorgeous. I have no idea how that one got so bruised.

I have resigned to only buying what I can carry home from the store via the canvas bags I bring with me… to save myself from impulsive purchases and save a little cash.

The list was:


I know… getting crazy over here! But I ended up with a few more things, essentials- like pb&j, bread, and apples. And oh yeah, that 12 pack of Blue Moon First Peach Ale bottles. They’ll totally fit in the bag.

So alas I have a working coffemaker.


And now I’m way too tired to cook myself dinner, which is why I went to the store in the first place….


Dinner of champions. The beer is delicious.

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