Road Warrior and Wedding Crasher


Its been a crazy week! Lets dive in.

I left Saturday (1/10) for Birmingham, I had a bridal show. and I’ve now come around to the idea of staying over when its a 5 hour drive away from home…. Doesn’t always work out, but a girl can try right?!


5 hours to Birmingham I went. Much nicer in the morning let me tell you. I’m a big fan of sleeping till 8 instead of getting up at the asscrack of dawn. I managed to find a local sports bar near the hotel to watch the Oregon/ Ohio State game. Which, Dad was also apparently watching.


Yes, my father is in my telephone as King Triton, you can thank Big Seester for that. I also managed to make 2 new friends in Birmingham that night… YAY! Turns out they are pro baseball scouts, go figure!

My boss had also planned to come into town to work with me which is awesome. Originally planning for New Orleans but since I had a few events in Alabama, it just made sense to fly her there. We did sales calls, a presentation, and some serious bonding. I even tried my very first Cappuccino!



It was an exhausting week, but we got it done. Then it was back on the road to get home for 2 nights!


I got home around 6:30 on Friday night, which was fantastic because I lucked out again and had friends/old coworkers in town for a former coworker’s wedding!! I keep getting lucky like that – seriously, maybe New Orleans is just full of luck for me.

The Sober One

I met the 3 muskateers in the French Quarter for dinner, finally got to try Jackson’s Brewery and Bistro Bar, the brisket BBQ sandwich was really good. And its in prime location to the riverfront, public parking, Cafe Du Monde, and Bourbon Street… which is where we ended up next. Fun fact: drunk hobos don’t care if they get run over, they will literally walk in front of your car while you’re driving through the intersection on a green light and then yell profanities at you when you honk at them….

20150116_220736 20150116_220415

The first bar we stopped at had a mechanical bull…. Taylor Swift and I were able to talk our male companions into attempting it. I’ve done it before and it was a blast. So we enjoyed watching them as two Austrailian lads attepted to converse with us.

I’m finally learning my way around too!! Apparently, Bourbon Street never calms down. Now, I know its super close to Mardi Gras, but it was packed for a random Friday night.



There was a traveling band!! On super rickety floats, but that had a police escort down Bourbon Street because they literally close down the street on the weekends so the drunkards don’t have to worry about wandering into a car after stumbling out of the bar. Smart idea actually.

Also, that old myth that you have to flash someone to get beads? nope. not true. We were wandering around (I was wearing a sweater and a blazer) and people just hand you beads. I ended up with 3 strands by the end of the night. The last one was from a super sweet older gentleman who tapped me on the shoulder to ask if I wanted some. So cute.


I’m pretty sure we also found the greatest deal on Bourbon Street. Fish Bowl drinks…. Reusable and REFILLABLE for $5.00. I now own two, come on down & lets party! Its still super weird that you can walk into a bar, order a beer, and then not have to worry about finishing it before you leave. You just ask for a to-go cup!

So the 3 muskateers were actually here for a real reason. It wasn’t me…. One of our old co-workers (from Redskins) lives in the area and was getting married! Since I wasn’t technically on the invite list, I got to crash my very first wedding!

20150117_153133 20150117_153259

Yeah…. I realized my dress was a little short after I was already ready…. oh well. where are the single men!?… haaaay!  😉


It was the cutest wedding. Including having the most ADORABLE flower girl who did NOT want to leave the dance floor. Seriously, I wanted to be that family.


And open bar to boot! There was great food, PASSED BEIGNETS towards the end of the wedding, I learned that there is in fact a line dance to Footloose (for those of you wondering, its aparently the same as the boot-scoot-boogie), and we spent lots of time in the photobooth.

She adds 2 more “omg you look just like Taylor Swift” to the running tally…


And we finally got to spend some time with the groom!

So another late night… but here’s the kicker, I was due on the road by 6am Sunday morning to get to Auburn, Alabama for yet another bridal show…. So on 4 hours of sleep, off I went.



Luckily, I have an awesome brother-in-law who attended Auburn. It was another place on my bucket list, and I’m very lucky that my work allows me to check these places off.

20150118_164106 20150118_164544


And again…. I was back on the road. I got to the delusional part of my day about halfway through…. Thank goodness the radio station was playing 80s tunes. I was JAMMING out, I’m also very lucky that it was dark and other drivers couldn’t judge me anymore harshly than they already were in my obnoxious company wrapped car 🙂

I finally got home late Sunday and had an office day today… which was great, except for the fact that my apartment complex is completely renovating the hallway on my floor…. They were tearing up the carpet, and making an obnoxious amout of noise all. day. long. I would add a link to the videos if I wasn’t so creepy about taking them through the peephole in my door. I didn’t leave my apartment all day, and I’m still in my pajamas. So much for that yoga workout!

I was also finally able to figure out how to get google hangout/facetime to work on my samsung!! So I got some Big Seester & nugget time in 🙂 I will get back to NOVA for a night, but it’ll be late, so I’ll take nugget time whenever I can. He’s getting so big!!!


Big Seester and I have also agreed to attempt to learn a new language. And If I can do it before the unveilings for work, maybe I can talk corporate into sending me 🙂


La donna mangia la mela!! Thats as far as I’ve gotten…. Lets see how many times I’ll really use it in conversation.

I’m ready for a work-week at home, It’ll be nice sleeping in my bed for a few days until I’m headed to Tuscaloosa and Shreveport… I need a shower.


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