Friendship Soup – New Orleans Style


I have to eat my words a little bit today….

So remember that time I locked myself out of my apartment? And went down the hall to granny? Well, she was probably just crotchety that night because it WAS 8pm on a weekday…. update – she’s awesome.

I had a rather interesting day today, I managed to get in a whopping 13 sales calls (visits to different agencies). BOOYAH! Yes, maybe they all were within a 5 mile radius… whatevs. But I eventually gave in to my growling stomach around 1:30pm. And there it was… glowing across the street. Chick-Fil-A. Open. BECAUSE IT WASN’T SUNDAY. Which is when I always seem to crave it the most.

So I thought, OK, I’ll be good and order the fruit cup instead of fries… and I love fries. Fries are probably my favorite potato product. Universe – 1, Missy – 0. My blueberries were moldy 😦

Lesson learned – always get the fries.

As I’m sitting there, fielding calls, responding to e-mails and eating my replaced, sad, fruit cup. (The response to the moldyberries? “oh, sometimes that happens, I don’t know what’s going on with that”, thanks kid, go back to school) An elderly gentleman with a packet of wipes wanders around cleaning the tables around me. I say elderly in the fondest of ways… he’s 86. He told me. I believe his first words were “Only 8 more minutes left till I get to go home to my old bride, and she is old”….. Mr. Joe (of course his name tag says Mr. Joe) tells me it’s okay for him to call his wife old because they’ve been married for 60 years, and they’re so in looooooove.


Thats freaking adorable. And now that I’ve interacted…. he’s going to wait until I finish my meal and then come BACK to ask me about my hairstyle…

“What is that hair style called?”

me- “a bun?”

“yeah, you know what they call that in Italian”

*how the heck did he know I was learning Italian!?*

“a Tupa! Its an old Sicilian word, TUPA!”

“It sounds a lot like, Toupee!”

“heh heh, I guess it does! You know what else is funny? I was born in 1929, they didn’t have bathrooms back then, and Italians didn’t know English very well, so when somebody had to go, other’s would say “go inbacadahous”. They’d mash all the words together! Go, In Back Of The House!”


We wrap up our very odd conversation and as I leave, he turns and says “Bye Baby!”…. wow.

So back to the first story… the whole eating my words thing? Yeah, I get off the elevator, say hello to Granny’s grandson, and all of a sudden she’s saying “I made some homemade soup, want some?”. Uhhhhhh homemade soup?! YES PLEASE. “You got a bowl? go on and bring it with ya”. OKAY! 

So I knock on the door, keys in hand this time…. and she just yells for me to come on in. Here we are again, in the kitchen, this time a GINORMUS bowl of soup bubbling and noodles all cooked. This is soup?! it smells amazing.

Another odd conversation, I think she thinks I’m the previous tenant, she scares the crap out of me saying “I hope you get to stay, the po-lice were here earlier sayin yeh had ta leave”

WHAT. no no no, I’m here for a good while.

“Well ya must got a pretty good job ta live over there all by ya self”.

Yeah, I guess so! Thanks for the soup!

It was fantastic. I agree with mom, I need to bake some cookies or something.

The people around here surprise me every day.

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