Compact Doctor & NYE


If you’ve been following along, you know I had some lousy luck in Miami… That also included my Almay powder compact falling off the sink and shattering the product into a million tiny pieces. 

I was bummed… but thought “oh well, nothing I can do about it now”. I was headed for Jamaica!! So I sucked it up and just kept using it… Except now, its New Year’s Eve and I want to look spectacularly flawless in this new city for a New Year.

PINTEREST TO THE RESCUEEEEE! I found this awesome pin with a fix to my issue. Hooray! I’m not the only clumsy one!

How many times have you broken a compact or eye shadow and just had to throw it away? In comes Pinterest to save the day! This is a real win. #homemade #makeup #skin

What did I have to lose by trying it? We’ve all heard of the almighty Pinterest Fail, but hey, I now live within walking distance to a Wal*Mart so I could just go buy a new one if I really screwed it up.

– Add makeup saver to that list on the label!

The first step was to crush the chunks up into a finer powder, then add rubbing alcohol and mix it all up.

I wasn’t sure exactly how much rubbing alcohol to use, so I just eyeballed it.


Then… I walked through the Lincoln….. wait, that’s Elf… Then, I waited… This is always a difficult time for me, waiting. I like instant gratification. All the anxiety, will it work? Did I just completely ruin my make up? Will I make a 4th Wal*Mart trip THIS WEEK. Well, after 5 long hours, all the waiting was over, it was time to get ready.


I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! All the alcohol dried up and its an even better powder than when I bought it! I’m hoping to try this trick on other broken items in my new caboodle… maybe save some eye shadow, blush…. the possibilities are endless!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year Celebration! I definitely did, took in the new city (read: Bourbon Street & RiverWalk) with an old friend who I luckily found out was in town celebrating her birthday. Seriously, I should buy a lottery ticket or enter a ridiculous contest drawing…

The Superdome all lit up
Still Christmas in the French Quarter!
There were fireworks shows all along the river, it was really cool to see
New Year, New City, New (and old) Friends!

20150101_000516 20150101_000522 20150101_001246

I’ve dubbed 2015 the “Year of Adventures”! Bring it on.

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