Weird things happen to my thought processes when I live on my own…. I look to save the most amount of money possible… and end up buying everything impulsively.

Which is why I now bring you the DIY Bathroom Art! Again, thank Pinterest – I saw this adorable art weeks ago, and tracked it down to Etsy


Now, not to poo-poo (get it?! bathroom art! ok, fine…. Piss off… ūüėČ ) on AHalOfAGirl’s lovely artwork- her’s is far better & more detailed than I would ever attempt.¬†I just… This morning I couldn’t justify spending $20 on a new coffee maker and mine’s leaking all over the floor… there was no way I was paying $25 for a piece of canvas art.

I thought… hmmmm, I bet I could totally make that. Yes, yes I did… Trip number 4 to Wal*Mart I went.1420255979408

Who knew they sold tiny sleeping humans too!

Here were my supplies:

  • 11×14 stretched canvas – (2pack) $5.47
  • 8pack stencil brushes – $3.97
  • Acrylic Paints in Snow White, Turquoise, and Territorial Beige (I dunno whats up with beige… he’s kind of a dick) $0.50 each
  • Larger brush for background color – $1.00
  • Double Stuff Oreo’s…. because… DUH. $2.98
11×14 stretched canvas (2pack $5.47)
8 stencil brush pack – $3.97
Acrylic Paints – $0.50 each
$1 Bob!

Next it was time to put my lack of artistic abilities to the test. But honestly, if it came out really terribly, I did have a blank canvas to start over on….


Yes, that’s How to Train Your Dragon 2 getting ready to play on the TV. I pleasantly surprised myself here today. First with a completely overwhelming storage unit, and now with some halfway decent painting skills. Its okay to clap. I’ll wait…..


I did cheat a little bit – I drew it on with pencil first, that’s why you can see some smudging where I erased and re-drew… whatever. So here’s the final product hanging in the entrance to the Ministry of Magic.


And our ¬†total comes toooooooooooo…. a whopping¬†$14.92!!!¬†Including Oreo’s, ¬†but you can choose to leave those out or swap for your favorite snack when you attempt.

Get your creative juices flowing friends!! #AdventureYear

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