“Mandatory Seminar”


So…. we used to get these great t-shirts for whatever team we were playing that week. “Beat (insert team name)”.

This week it happens to be Minnesota, and the t-shirts are just plain white. We don’t get them in the office anymore, so mine had to be dug out of the crate in the bottom of my closet. Of course it was wrinkled so I attempted to steam it whilst in the shower, apparently my shower water doesn’t get hot enough because I still had to use the Downy spray wrinkle releaser in the end. Yes, you need it. Throw it in your bag. You can thank me later.

After being delighted that many of my colleagues were also able to dig theirs out of the pits of whatever doom they had been crumpled in, I had an interesting run-in with one male executive.

With a dejected and defeated tone his comment was-

“you look better in your t-shirt than I do in mine”

My mind immediately went to the movie 13 going on 30.


Probably not the best response when we have a mandatory seminar on Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault/Child Abuse next week….

Happy Halloween!

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