Breaking and Entering


So, funny story.

When your sister asks you to look after her dog for a night, sounds like no big deal right? That is, unless her keypad to the garage door doesn’t work and nobody has a spare key…. 


Cue my Sunday evening. Just coming off a win from FedExField I got to sit in bumper to bumper traffic, never getting above 45 mph, from Central Ave outside the stadium to Exit 45 (267/toll road)… thats somewhere around (I’m guesstimating) 30 miles of a 50 mile trip. A trip thats only supposed to take from 45mins to an hour lasted over an hour & a half. WTF

Traffic was so abnormally horrid probably because the Redskins finally won a game, so nobody left the stadium early.


So I roll up to my residence, tired after having seen the sun rise & set from behind the wheel of my cute little Hyundai, to pack a bag and jet on out to my sister’s. Granted, its only a 10 minute drive. But I get there, and the code for the keypad just blinks back at me.

uh oh. *tries again frantically*. blinking…. damnit.

So I call home to see if theres a spare key, and call sister to see if she’s got any tricks to try, but ultimately end up driving BACK home to pick up what may or may not be the new house’s key… Dad decides to drive with me back out to sister’s and good thing he did. Garage keypad still doesn’t work, keys don’t work. Lets call the neighbors…. Mind you, her black lab/pitbull mix is going CRAZY in the house.

We end up having to take a screen out of a window (Santa is the only chimney scaler) to get into the house.  My first time ever breaking and entering, yay! (I really need to learn how to pick a lock, Emma makes it look so easy on Once Upon a Time) It’s all about the tumblers amiright?!

Anyway, we finally get into the house & all goes well. I get to watch Peyton Manning throw magic Touchdown 509 AND see Revenge.

Peyton Manning throws magic 509 touchdown
Peyton Manning throws magic 509 touchdown

Moral of this story? Make sure the house you’re house/pet sitting for has a spare key hidden somewhere OUTSIDE the house 🙂

I’m sincerely looking forward to her finding all the “treasures” I’ve hidden around the house……

nic cage wink

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