Sunday Roundup!

The Good. The Bad. and the WTF.

Online Dating Escapades: I do it, so you don’t have to….


Thank goodness this creeper deleted/disabled their profile, guess they found that cute stranger to play out their fantasied Menage a trois…. ew. This is not the first time I’ve received this proposition either….

jf ew



First rule of Batman. YOU NEVER REVEAL YOUR TRUE IDENTITY. wtf dude… I expected better from you. or did I? It is Tinder….


Seriously though… WTAF* is this…. NOPE (*what the actual f*ck)

OK murder

Any message that asks me to solve a murder is a super red flag… bones being turned in to wind chimes. Famous Psychologist or not, no thanks.

Nugget’s first real food!

So… my nephew, who I’m obsessed with, will be 6 months old this coming week. His gums are popping out his second tooth and my sister gave in and let him try “real” food….. rice cereal. He’s been looking VERY interested in our food the past couple weeks, and followed the bowl of macaroni salad around the table at dinner.


He wasn’t too sure what to think of it at first…. but eventually got the hang of it.


Brother came home for the weekend and was able to get some quality time in with nugget!

Happy Uncle & Nugget!
Happy Uncle & Nugget!


Once Upon a Time has lots more scenes with handsome Hook…… and ELSA! (Sunday nights on ABC)


Revenge season 4 is keeping me as confused as ever (Sunday’s 10pm on ABC)


Gotham is actually pretty good. and it has Abernathy Darwin Dunlap as Penguin. (still getting used to it, Monday night on FOX)

Supernatural Season 10 is on Tuesday’s on the CW. DEANMON


-Good News to all my Netflix addicted friends. Arrow season 2 is up and running!! (Season 3 is also airing on Wednesday nights on CW)


Have a great week awesome followers!!

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