Just like Riding a Bike

(photo courtesy AP)
(photo courtesy AP)

I came across this article from last night’s game between the Nationals and the San Francisco Giants. It really struck a chord with me, it’s a great article (read it here).

What I took from it was; it doesn’t matter how much you’ve struggled in the past, any point can be the magic moment your luck turns around. You just have to put your all into the task at hand and you will succeed.

Seriously, from a stats standpoint it hadn’t been a successful past month for Ramos. Hitting .203 at the end of regular season? One hit in the post season series with the Giants? Being asked to bunt after 882 “swing-away” at bats?! (That’s around 3 years of plate appearances FYI) Sure. No problem

All you can control are your own actions. Let others make the mistakes.

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