Face Tablet

*phone does not belong to me*

Thats the name I’ve decided on for the iPhone 6 plus. It’s massive, and ridiculous. 

Tell me what the point of having a phone this large is? Anything that requires a thumb extender kind of defeats the whole “convenience” thing. I’m iffy… but please! I’m all ears…

Things I know about it so far

  • It makes phone calls
  • it lets me answer e-mail
  • has a calendar
  • facetime ability
  • takes photos
  • connects to social media
  • plays music
  • Does exactly the same thing my normal iPhone 4s does…..

Unfortunately all my JNCO jeans were donated, so I’ll never have a pocket big enough to fit this monstrosity. Tangent: When is someone going to start designing women’s clothing with actual pockets? No wonder I’m so excited when I find a dress with some.

jncoWelcome back to the 90s!

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