Adulting Queen

This is what I’m watching while sitting on my NEW furniture 🙂

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Adulting. Is. Expensive.

In my prevous apartmet (all 687 square feet of it) I was squished amongst all my stuff. The furniture purchased served it’s purpose and space. An 87 x 37 x 33 queen pull out couch that served its time.


Friends, movie marathons, lots of wine and not one drop on the microfiber. Maybe a few popcorn crumbs, but those are picked up in the vaccuum easily. When I moved to the Queen City, I seriously upgraded.

Location, location, location. Plus double the space which meant my comfy cozy couch went from oversized, to barbie sized.


“Dang this gonna be expensive” went the little voice in my head. But alas, as we grow, we change. I searched the last 2.5 months for a sectional but I couldn’t fully commit to it for some reason. One, because I couldn’t sit on it while looking at a website photo, and two, they’re fairly large and once they’re in, they’re in. Not a whole lot of opportunity for feng shui.

So I found my way noncholantly into a Rooms to Go store here in Cackalacky. I think I really just went in because I wanted to test some ideas out so I could then be more comfortable buying online… boy did I get more than I bargained for.

Seriously, I just went in to look. I ended up finding that daybed mom, dad and I had talked about and it was a floor sample – sale as is. $499.  WITH BOTH MATTRESSES FOR DAYBED AND TRUNDLE. I thought about it… took photos, and continued browsing. I sat on a few couches, a really fabulous circular swivel chair and then left. Of course I texted the photos to the powers that be (aka Mom & Dad), and after I’d already returned to my home office, was told to go back and BUY THE DAYBED. So I called the sales guy that was shadowing me the whole time and asked him to hold it for me because I was on my way back.

20170712_163944So I purchased the lovely piece above, and deflated the queen size air mattress that’s been taking up all the space in my office/second bedroom.

I decided that while I had the sales guy’s undivided attention I’d ask him about the sectional and 2 piece living room set I eyed earlier. Sat on both… Called the all intelligent ones about how best to purchase and ended up leaving the store with a couch, loveseat, cozy swivel chair, 2 end tables, 2 lamps and 1 coffee table… in addition to the daybed. :/




Being that the daybed was a floor purchase – I had to arrange my own delivery, they had 2 phone numbers for me so I called both and set up delivery for the following Friday afternoon with one. Sent him all the information and had a terrible experience. They never responded with confirmation to the 3 texts I sent so I called after the delivery time had passed and got the “oh, I was just about to call you – we’ve been super slammed” story and I asked about re-negotiating the delivery fee since now the contract was void as service was not completed on the agreed delivery date and was told “we’ll just cancel the job then” oh, cool. Thanks homie. Called the second option again and he was happy to deliver the following Monday for $50 less. Yes please!

I scheduled the new living room to arrive about a week and a half later which meant I had to try to sell my original sofa ASAP.

Craigslist, Let Go, Facebook Marketplace, flyers on the apartment complex’s bulletin board, Offer Up. You name it, the comfy couch was on it. I got a couple hits and finally one came through – a little bit less than I was asking but what did it matter at that point.


Goodbye NOLA Couch! Enjoy the App State College Frat Boy life! #goodluck

Mom and Meg were also coming in for a girls weekend to celebrate Meg’s early 31st birthday (on July 31!) so I was anxiously awaiting my new living room delivery all day. It came in the final hours of the delivery window and the guys who handled it were so great. I was stop 14 of 18 that Friday and it was already 6:15pm.

I probably should have measured the furniture and the doorways but I didn’t…. so I’m glad it all fit. And boy am I obsessed with it all!


It looks much more grown up which I’m super excited about. It’s comfortable, and all 3 of us were able to hang out in the living room watching Shark Week lead-ins and Say Yes to the Dress in our own spaces!

If you’re looking for movers in the Queen City Area I highly suggest you stay away from Christian Movers and ask for Tim instead at (704) 488-5001. Bob was my sales guy at Rooms to Go in Pineville and was very helpful/patient with me while I walked back and forth between the sectional and couch/loveseat combo.

I’ve been able to enjoy my new space for all of a week while my corporate vehicle has been in the shop and then I’ll be on the road again. I do love coming home to a comfy inviting space though!

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