What is this “free weekend” business?

Yes, I  mean free. As in nothing planned. Like, NO BRIDAL SHOWS. off.

It’s an odd feeling this early in the year. My business credit card hates me currently, and my body even more. I’ve been home in my own bed for a grand total of 3 nights so far this entire month. I’ve spent most of my time in Alabama (Huntsville, Birmingham, Auburn with a stint in Jackson, MS), but hey, thats what Blitz is all about.

I have done some fun things in between work. Like the Space and Rocket center, and a Jersey Boys national broadway tour performance complete with drinks with one of the cast members after. So it’s not ALL bad.


I had very productive plans for the weekend, house cleaning, laundry, etc. Have I done any of that?! Sure haven’t. ok, I did half a load of laundry – my sheets & towels are still in the dryer, I just keep restarting it.

Lazy Saturday  was coherced into joining the girls for brunch. #sobasic But honestly, I hadn’t seen a lot of them since Halloween or Friendsgiving. That’s a long time!

We met at Wayfare on Feret St uptown. $5 mimosas! woo hoo! I then returned to the cave and opened all the windows because it was almost 70 degrees outside. A beautiful day, until the rain came in the evening and I couldn’t latch my bedroom window shut, oh well, let’s put in a work order.

I did manage a little household DIY that my parents gave me for my birthday. It’s one of my favorite quotes –

Yes, that’s Lizzie McGuire. Yes, it’s from A Cinderella Story. My parents bought me a wall decal of the quote to keep me motivated towards whatever I want to do. Failing is necessary, but it’s a good thing you get multiple at-bats in the game of life.


3 movies and one face mask later it was almost midnight and the “oh, I should probably go to bed” thought came across.

Sunday has been worse better. I seriously contemplated whether it was acceptable to lay in bed all day or if food was necessary. I had to eventually get up because the TV is in the living room…. that, I did on purposse.

I’ve managed to probably have a taste of everything in my pantry and still can’t  manage to find what I’m hungry for. Maybe it’s time to try Magazine Pizza…


Here’s to week 3 of blitz! I’ll continue flipping between NFL football and Crazy, Stupid Love.

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