That word has been thrown around a lot recently…

It can knock

It can be presented

It can be taken

It can be missed

And so on, and so forth.


We see these as extraordinary circumstances that come around once in a lifetime. But we forget, there are always two offsetting ‘opportunities’ before us. Just as every action has an opposite and equal reaction, we tend to overlook that second part.

My extraordinary circumstance was presented as “Leave corporate America, live your own life. Sell everything you own and move onto a sailboat and explore the world” with someone I was very passionate about. Sounds like what hollywood movie dreams are made of.


Continue on the opportunity I previously took, the one that moved me 1200 miles away from family, safety, and comfort, that was unfolding day by day in front of me. I didn’t recognize it then. I thought the choice was adventure or “normal life”.


That was until I looked at what I thought “normal life” was. Living in an apartment, by myself. Working day to day and exploring a new city. Sometimes what we see as normal is in fact an adventure worth pursuing. I seriously considered packing a suitcase (or two, lets be honest, I’m a heavy packer), selling the rest of the stuff in my apartment and jumping on board. I was listing out how to make it work financially. I still think about one day just showing up on the dock, surprising myself and others, until I take a step back.

I already had an adventure in front of me if I was willing to take it. I have the job of a lifetime that asks me to travel to the most beautiful places on earth. It is opportunity at every exit on the highway. With every conversation the possibility of something else falling into place. Compromising without realizing it to get where you never imagined you would be. 5 years ago, sitting in Interpersonal Communications classes at Lynchburg College, I never would have imagined I’d be led to New Orleans.

I started thinking honestly about it; when else would THIS opportunity ever come up?


20150801_145820 p1230247

Getting paid to experience these places doesn’t get any sweeter! Think about it, how does everything I’ve done sice high school lead me here? A sports journalist focus, Friday nights in the rain behind a camera, graphics internships, newsroom internships, Minor League Baseball AND the NFL. It doesn’t make any sense.


I took a chance, a leap of faith and am figuring it out as I go. That’s the adventure.


And every time I’m flying over water, I will look down and try to pick out those tiny boats sailing the vast expansiveness and smile. It’s a choice and an opportunity taken, and I am happy with mine.



Say yes to opportunity.

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