Movies in Real Life


Why isn’t there an Elvis movie channel at this hotel?!

I will sadly admit, I am exhausted after my first blitz. 3 months on the road meeting 260+ new faces and personalities, trying to get them to like you is a teensy bit tiring. Not to mention the planning of all this around Carnival Season, Mardi Gras, a 2 week hiatus to run 19.3 miles at Disney, and moving to a completely new state.

I needed a decompress weekend. I needed a lay on the couch and not move for hours on end, with nobody judging me for it. And damnit, I’m an adult! So I did just that. Seriously, I didn’t leave my apartment all weekend. Didn’t even unlock the door. Judge away.


I did leave the house on Good Friday evening. Remember that friend whose wedding I “crashed”? Yes, I finally got to see the happy couple again. I was invited to my very first, New Orleans, Crawfish boil!!


At the bride’s parent’s freaking lake house…. Is it really that odd to bring flowers to the host for inviting you into their house these days? Even more odd, the parents are the neighbors of a a guy I met earlier in the year. Small world!

Anyway, I got eaten ALIVE by the damn lake gnats…. stupid B+ blood type. I’m just too damn irresistable! I’ve been nursing the welts on my exposed areas of skin (ie; arms and legs) and attempting (failing) to not scratch at them. So I threw on some comfy clothes and settled into my couch.

A couple movies later, I had the odd urge to create a body/face scrub with the remaining coconut oil, sugar, and ground coffee that was lying around my apartment. Pinterest told me all three of these were great for my skin, and it smells awesome in the shower, it just….. looks like I participated really hard at slidining practice in the rain….

I’m still itchy.


Sunday was Easter. It was weird not being around family, so I broke out the laptop and streamed Easter Service live. I did miss it, but Big Seester was also stuck at home while Nugget was napping, so we facetimed each other. She eventually had to go to Nana’s for the traditional Easter Lunch, but I got to see everyone there too, about 2 hours later… I still hadn’t showered. It was nice to see them all, and sad at the same time. I should have flown home…. Oh well, I’ll see them all in 2 weeks.

20150319_175737 20150319_180336

I decided I wanted to watch The Help on Sunday… Since I had recently dined at one of the restaurants featured in┬áthe movie while in Jackson, MS. Hot damn do I love Emma Stone. and Sweet Jesus I needed an uninterrupted movie experience so my ovaries would stop exploding every time The Longest Ride trailer came on..

I then facetimed for a bit with my Canadian, and decided it was about time I started watching the HBO Series; Girls. I’d started reading Lena Dunham’s book and she is hilarious. Not in the traditional funny sense but more of a “oh my god, I can totally relate to that absurd experience in college”. Liberal Arts College…. amiright. Girls is just the same.

I have 2 episodes to go in the 1st season and I’m hooked. But I did eventually have to sleep to prepare for my Mississippi Road Trip today. 5.5 hours for one agency. Who is pretty much in Tennessee… but while I’m here…… I might as well drive by Graceland right?! It’s only 20 minutes. duh. So, sorry Mom! But I couldn’t pass it up, we’ll meet halfway eventually and do the whole tour, I promise!

20150406_183626 20150406_183745 20150406_183757 20150406_183840 20150406_183858but seriously… why isn’t there an all Elvis Movie station here….. and yes, the imprint of my ass is still on my couch cushion.


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