Island Adventure


I’ve become JAMerican – and this post is mainly photos of Beautiful Jamaica.

So after the whirlwind Disney Adventure, I thought it smart to schedule a tour of beautiful Jamaica with 17 Travel Agents. Literally, the WHOLE island.

Our itinerary had us staying in Ocho Rios (East Coast) for the first 3 nights to tour the 3 properties out there plus the golf course, drive 4 hours to the Southern Coast for two nights there (one resort tour), day trip to the West Coast for 3 resort tours, and spend our last night next to the airport in Montego Bay – after touring those 3 resorts… It doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you add in 10 Resorts, a golf course, unlimited 5-star gourmet dining and all the good booze…. things get fuzzy. 🙂

I had not seen the Ocho Rios region for about a year and it did NOT disappoint. There are two Adults Only resorts there and one Family Friendly one. I think the highlight for everyone though was the golf course tour because we all got to drive golf carts around.

I was super excited we got the big bus for our long trek from Ocho Rios to Whitehouse – definitely looking forward to a nap, but clearly the bus driver wasn’t about to let THAT happen and I was forced into the jump seat over the stairwell at the front of the bus to keep him company :/

I’ll admit – I’m a little biased in saying that this SouthCoast resort is one of my favorites – its quiet, relaxing, and the beach is GORGEOUS. Plus Adults only 🙂

But alas, this was not vacation – we had this tour, and the next day – an hour-ish ride to the west coast (Negril) for 3 more tours. One Adults Only, One Family Friendly, and one family friendly off-brand.

Our final day of tours took us to Montego Bay where we visited the very FIRST hotel in the family, the FLAGSHIP hotel (no, they’re not the same hotel), and the Original home of the Over Water Bungalows in the Caribbean. And all adult only 🙂

My Work Trips > your work trips 🙂


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