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I thought I understood what I was getting into when I moved to Cackalacky last April. To say my predacessor was always busy is an understatement.

You have to understand the nature of this position, or any sales position in general. People do business with people they know and like – so you have to be on and in front of people every day of life. Sadly that also sometimes means you don’t have a life of your own.

I honestly respect and am mystified by the managers who have families and social lives. One day I aspire to be like them. Until then, I will continue on my overtaking of the Carolinas by working tirelessly through 39 straight days until my first day off of 2018. Does that mean I can give up work for Lent!?

Yes, that’s a lot, but when you see the immediate positivity it’s pretty cool. A lot of what I do helps people create the best memories of their lives – they ask questions and have all their worries carried out on the waves as soon as they set foot on island. That breeze blows over them and all of a sudden they’ve adopted a Caribbean accent, and lost all sense of time. Island Time in full effect.

I’ve enjoyed watching concerned travelers be completely turned around by answering a few of their questions. I love building success through my territory based on solid foundations and hard work. Yes I get tired and cranky, that’s why I have a hedgehog to snuggle with while I’m relaxing with a movie. 🙂

The beginning of the year is always tough, it’s Bridal season – that means bridal shows every weekend – Saturday AND Sunday. But we’re not talking about root canals here, we’re talking crystal blue water, white sand beach and all the sunshine you can wish for. I finally got to see the last of the 16 resorts in December. And the one question I always get is “what’s your favorite?”, it’s tough to decide – but I tell the guests that they really have to understand who I am as a person to understand my favrites (yes plural). I tell them “Because I talk to people all day, every day of life, when I go on vacation (like for my birthday in December) I just like to sit my happy butt in the sand and look at the water, listening to the waves. I grew up with a pool in my backyard, so I want to see beautiful beach and dive all I can”. I then give a couple options that fit that criteria.

It helps them narrow down what experience they’re looking for too. I will admit, getting positive feedback from prospective clients makes me happy. If someone finds their happy just by listening to me babble, I’ll take it. The best is when they come back to you after a conversation and say they’ve booked their vacation through the travel agent I’m supporting that day. I beam with pride – it’s a small difference I might be making, but it could mean a whole different thing to that couple, or family.

And I’m all about making a positive difference in the world.

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