The Herpes of all arts and crafts supplies. This is why my mother had to supervise my “creative” time….

I got the brilliant idea that I wanted to add a little extra sumthin-sumthin to the give-away baskets at the end of my Unveiling, and make it feel a little more New Orleans-ey. But also still tie in the Caribbean. Beads can only go so far.


I was wandering around Michael’s and decided “what’s more New Orleans than a mask!”. Masks are an integral part of every celebration here. In fact, during Mardi Gras, float participants are required by LAW to wear a mask.


So I scoured the store “Where Creativity Happens” for DIY masks and all the necessary decorating items. Feathers? check. Glitter, glitter glue, glitter pens, glitter stickers? check. Paint? check. Super Glue? oh yeah.

I decided I could probably get a few done while watching however many NFL games I could today and lo and behold It’s only taken me about 5 hours… I did all 10.

20150920_163443 20150920_163431

Does this look like a tidal wave?20150920_163423

Yes, I know the waves are going the wrong way.
20150920_163413 20150920_163403

This was the very last one I did…. I was running out of creative manly ideas… so they got sea turtles & starfish.
20150920_163349 20150920_163316 20150920_163258

I was going for pearl in a clam shell & bubbles here…. (this is why I did not become an Artist)

SANDALS… get it?! GET IT!?20150920_163040

I had a lot more fun with the girly ones, the more glitter & bling the better. But I wanted to cover my bases in case men win one so I also tried to make some more masculine ones while also keeping with a beachy/caribbean theme. They were actually pretty easy to make, which was shocking. That however, still did not keep me from  making a mess of my semi-cleaned self/apartment.

20150920_163544 20150920_163531

We’ll see how accepted they are after the event, I’ll be attaching my business card to the inside of them somehow.

Now to finish this Eagles/Cowboys game. Yes… my jersey selection needs some updating… cough cough, you hear that mom & dad? I think a Sammy Bradford jersey would look super sweet here. 😉 #birthday?


and yes, that frame above the couch is still empty. Maybe I should try selling my fabulous masks on Etsy! kidding… totally kidding.

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